How to choose a children's drug

Medications children should appoint an expert, but often the disease begins to manifest itself in the evening hours, when it is not possible to show the child's pediatrician.In order to prevent the spread of infection, you must choose an antiviral drug for treatment. If the drug is sold in a pharmacy on the advice of a pharmacist - must carefully read the annotation and the age limit for receiving medicament.

most common disease in children - is the flu and ARI (acute respiratory viral infection).The most popular and effective drugs to combat diseases such: blockers ("amantadine", "Remantadin") and neuraminidase inhibitors, ("Relenza", "Tamiflu").

If the child has a disease of infants b
ronchitis, then use inhaled "Ribavirin" or "Sinagis."

range of children antivirals

All medications designed to fight the virus, weaken the manifestation of the disease symptoms, so when viewed from the pediatrician can not make the correct diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.That is why it is desirable in the first day of the disease show the child specialist if this is not possible, to remember the symptoms to the medication and report them when the visit to the doctor.

Experts identify the most effective and fast-acting antiviral drugs are designed and used for children depending on their age. treatment will be most effective if you give the child antiprostudnye drugs in the complex.It can be combined with medication, but it is necessary to ensure that no overdose constituents.

«Tamiflu" - recommended for children 1 year and older.

«Remantadin" - antiprostudny drug effective in the early stages of treatment of SARS, possible its use as a prophylactic measure, for the treatment of children from 7 years.

«Arbidol" - means, has an antioxidant effect and protects cells from destruction, administered to children from two years.

«Kagocel" - comes in tablet form, is effective when taken in the first days of the disease, is intended for children from three years.

«Viferon" - Candles used for the treatment and effective prevention of SARS and influenza, with no age restrictions.

«Interferon" - is available as a powder for solution and burying his nose in young children, age limits - no.

«Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol" "Nimesulide" and "Nurofen" - are low-steroidal means to remove heat and pain, are designed for the aunt to three months.

«Anaferon", "Oscillococcinum" and "Aflubin" - refer to the homeopathic antiviral drugs are safe and effective.Possible to use them together with other immunostimulatory and antiviral drugs.

Colds are a challenge for the child's immune system, so the responsibility of parents and doctors - have your child help choose the most safe and effective drug.