If the drug is prescribed by a doctor, you need to take it to the dosage, which contains the expert.Assign methane, in extreme cases: to increase the protein content in the body, adjust the amount of sex hormones, baldness, with extensive fractures after plastic surgery, sclerosis, extensive psoriasis, severe internal diseases, anorexia, etc.Before his designate, conducted a survey of all bodies, and weigh the benefits and harms of the reception.If methandrostenolone advises coach or friends - it is simply a crime.
Anabolic steroids are, of course, cont
ribute to the rise of the energy potential, weight loss and beautiful relief of the body, but are applied at the same time enormous harm to the body.Especially if their reception is made at a young age and without the appointment of a specialist.If young people still continuing bone formation, growth, hormonal status, then it is simply counter to perform experiments on their health.Testosterone production may cease entirely, even after the course of treatment.Area growth will close, and the young man will have the kind of growth that was before receiving hormones.
The pharmacy hormones are released only by prescription.The black market pharmaceuticals filled with low-quality counterfeits, which cause more damage to health.He suffers from a liver may develop acute hepatitis and cirrhosis.
But if the facts do not stop the person, you should at least restrict the reception 2 weeks after receiving the right to take drugs to help restore the liver and eliminate all toxins from the reception of methane.
now for admission.If you are currently assigned medication, then take 5 tablets with a dose of 5 ml divided into three stages.If your friends recommend you a crash course admission, you know you risk life and limb.After all, the beauty and achievement are only necessary if a person is healthy.Losing health from taking anabolic steroids, you still will be exactly what you look and how much progress you have achieved.So the choice is only for you.