should be noted that upon detection of the characteristic symptoms of urethritis should immediately consult a specialist for the passage of the necessary investigations and appropriate treatment.The main objective of the initial phase of medical treatment is to identify the main causes of this disease, as well as the elimination of the infection.The fact is that the removal of only the symptoms will not have a positive outcome.After urethritis is considered a consequence of the emergence of infectious diseases in the body of nature, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, thrush, trichomoniasis.

In order to fight directly with the sources of inflammation of the urethra
using medications Preparations spectrum.To destroy the infection in the mandatory appointed antibacterials.In the presence of non-specific urethritis recommended application cephalosporin with a broad-spectrum "ceftriaxone" "Ciprofloxacin", "Cefixime ',' cefazolin," "Cefotaxime".In addition, your doctor may be prescribed antibiotics macrolide such as "Erythromycin", "Clarithromycin", "azithromycin".The advantage of these products is the high ability to penetrate tissues, eliminating infection.

In the case of gonococcal urethritis medical treatment is carried out following antibacterial agents: "oletetrin", "Spectinomycin", "Doxycycline ',' Spiramycin '.These drugs act on the majority of pathogens, greatly facilitating the patient's condition in the first hours of use.In the treatment of Trichomonas urethritis usually used antibiotics, are named: "Metronidazole", "Tinidazole", "Natamycin", "Miramistin".In addition to antibiotic therapy in the treatment of this disease need to use antihistamine drugs such as "Tavegil" "Zirtek" "Suprastin" and immunostimulating drugs to help restore the natural microflora in the urogenital system: "Acyclovir", "ribavirin" "TSikloferon".

What are the signs of the emergence of urethritis

Usually, the appearance of urethritis symptoms include itching and discomfort the rest occurring during urination;periodicals, and aching pain directly in the pubic area.In addition, men may be a violation of urination, urine discharge of considerable difficulty, up to its delay.In addition, the possible presence of purulent discharge from the urethra and blood contaminants in the urine.Despite what is considered urethritis inflammatory disease, it is not accompanied by the deterioration of the general health of the patient.Therefore, body temperature basically never increases.In the case of urethritis transition in the chronic form of the disease symptoms subside, but can be renewed periodically.

Preventive measures to combat urethritis urethritis

Prevention includes compliance with certain rules.Because this disease is transmitted mainly through sexual contact, it is necessary to understand sexual relations, use reliable means of protection, such as condoms.In addition, it is important to observe good personal hygiene of the external genital organs.It is worth to use special vitamin complexes that support the immune system at a high level.In addition, it should be avoided hypothermia and eat right by eliminating salt, fat and smoked foods.Also, a key preventive factor is the regular attendance at the doctor's office.After all, is not detected in a timely manner is able to pass the disease to a chronic form, which eventually can cause serious complications.