Up to what age grow baby teeth?

first milk teeth usually erupt after birth, although there are cases of having a baby with teeth.They grow in a certain sequence, pledged Genetically, but with different terms.In some children the first tooth appears in two or three months, others - six months or more.The first to appear lower central incisors, upper them grow.Then cut through a pair of side cutters, and then - the first molars, canines and second molars.
full set of 20 milk teeth appears to approximately 20-30 months.

In most cases, a child of two and a half or three years, already has all the necessary teeth.

In five or six years (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) begins the change of milk teeth to permanent.It happens gradually, usually the first to drop out first molars, in place of which a few months begins to grow permanent molars.Then change the order of the sequence correspond to the sprouting of primary teeth: since the lower incisors and finishing second molar.A complete set of permanent teeth appears about to 12 years, but exceptions are frequent.

Until what age are growing permanent teeth?

third molars (the eighth in a series of teeth) grow and last conception is much later than the other permanent teeth.In the past, human jaw was wider and longer, and the whole set was placed in it with no problems: all 32 teeth appear almost simultaneously as a teenager.With the transition to other ways of food when people were eating thermally treated, softer and do not require a long chewing food, jaw began to diminish.

It was a long process, but it has led to the fact that modern man's jaw is slightly smaller than its ancestors of the same species.

wisdom teeth was given less and less space in the dentition.They began to grow later erupt with pain and inflammation, take a wrong position.Today, the rate of third molars appear between the ages of 17 to 25 years, but these boundaries are constantly expanding in a big way.For many people, they grow 30, 40, 50 years, sometimes wisdom teeth appear in the elderly.Moreover, unlike other permanent teeth, they are cut very slowly, sometimes can grow for several decades: growth stage replaced the resting stage.And some of them did not erupt until the end, remaining in the jaw.Thus, we can say that the teeth can grow in man until his death - it all depends on heredity and environment.