seasonal peak activity of ticks is at the end of April - the beginning of July, at this time should be particularly vigilant when going out of town on vacation or in a park.In the rest of the summer months, there has been some decline in insect bites a person, but you should not lose sight until October.Mites can attack you even warm and dry autumn.

Being in the woods, avoid shady places with high humidity, possibly not climb in a thicket of young aspen Malinniki, this is where ticks are the most common.In addition, insects accumulate on the edges of forest trails and river banks covered with tall grass.Ticks climb on the stalks of plants and small shrubs (up to a meter in height), and waiting for its prey.

Moving in the terrain, choose the open without light trees underbrush, dry p
ine forests (mites do not like settles in coniferous forests), wide fields and other areas where the sunny and quite windy.Ticks are most active in the morning and evening, when there is extreme heat.In addition, during a rain danger of their attack is also reduced.

Choosing the right clothing can help protect yourself from tick bites.Put on a jacket made of smooth Bolonev tissue, which is difficult to resist insects.T-shirt or shirt, you must fill in your pants and leg cuffs fastened firmly to the ankle with a rubber band from socks.Pay particular attention to the protection of the head, because the hair has got to find a tick will be very difficult.Remove the hair under a tight-fitting cap or cover with their hood.Unprotected parts of the body (hands, neck) was treated with repellent, apply a remedy at the cuffs and collar.Every two hours Inspect the open areas of the body, and after returning home, carefully inspect themselves, all the clothes and shoes.