Action Viagra

At the heart of Viagra is sildenafil citrate.Its action consists in the blockade of the chemical that causes blood to flow out of the penis.As a result, the blood circulation in the body increases, and the confidence of a man an erection.After the excitement of nerve impulses to the brain come into the penis, where certain chemicals are released, relaxing tight muscles penis, allowing them to fill with blood.Leaving intercourse or action of the drug leads to the destruction of these compounds, after which the muscle recompressed and passed into a body of a sufficient amount of blood. Viagra was originally created as a drug to treat heart disease, but as a result of clinical trials have been identified her famous "s
ide effect".

Some men who use this drug are confident that his actions do not need no stimulation - they drink a pill and a miracle happens.This is not quite true.Without sexual stimulation Viagra erection is based will be very difficult, because it is releasing chemicals animating manhood.Viagra itself does not cause the production of these substances, but only contributes to the blockade of the enzyme that destroys them, and does not reach its destination.

Speed ​​and validity of Viagra

As for the time before the drug begins to act, then the effect can be quite different.It depends on the characteristics of the male body.In most clinical trials of the effect of Viagra starts in fourteen minutes (at least), but generally, men are beginning to feel an erection after half an hour.The validity of the drug lasts about four hours, but the effect starts to decline in two hours. order viagra acted as quickly as possible, the drug should be taken on an empty stomach.

To speed up the effect, independent of food intake or alcohol, sex therapists recommend taking pills "Viagra Soft", which is necessary to dissolve in the mouth.When taken on an empty stomach medication starts to act quickly, that is, fifteen to thirty minutes in the presence of sexual arousal.Admission after eating slow action on the hour, but the quality of erections in any case will stand out from the drug without an erection.

Some men say the duration of Viagra, even the morning after taking the pill.Replace drug Viagra can "Cialis", the effect of which lasts for thirty-six hours.