Proper selection - with the help of a specialist

Birth control pills are a hormonal contraceptive.Some of the active substance may be higher in other - less.However, each tablet has a definite influence on the female body and can cause unpleasant illnesses.

Birth control pills are not recommended to choose on their own, following the advice of friends or relatives.Each hormonal system is unique and functions differently.Violation of the background can lead to malfunction of the internal organs, endocrine and reproductive systems.

Proper selection of the contraceptive pill consists of three stages.The first - a gynecological examination, consultation.The second - delivery of analysis to determine the hormonal levels.The third - the selection of a
physician tablets based on research results.

independent selection of contraceptive pills

However, there are situations when it is impossible to get to the doctor, and the love was raided.In this case, the selection of tablets you can make yourself.But beware: this method can reduce the effectiveness of funds (if you are anything go wrong).Therefore, when you have sex, always use additional means of contraception (condoms, gels, candles and so on.).

independent selection contraceptive pill consists of two stages.At first you need to determine what kind of money you fit.Today, the choice is very large tablet, but two main types: Combined (containing two hormones) and the mini-pill (consisting of progestogen only).If you are a young girl or woman giving birth after age 35, pay attention to mikrodozirovannye cooks.Bear and mature women should prefer combined with low-dose pills.

Mini-pill will suit both young nursing mothers and mature women.Also, the tablets can be taken when varicose veins and diabetes.Single-pill - the best choice for smokers ladies.

second stage consists of determining its phenotype which is dependent on the dominant hormone in women.If you are the owner of the figures with pronounced and noticeable vegetation on the body, and your monthly different duration and abundant, your type of estrogen.Good protection should be sought from the progestin preparations (mini-pill, Regividon, Miniziston etc.).

Women and girls are different types of progesterone angular figure, Just noticeable breasts, scanty and painful menstruation, skin problems.In this case, you should choose a tablet with anti-androgenic effect (Yarina, Jess, Jeanine, Belarus and others.).There is also a balanced phenotype.Such girls are different normal skin, virtually painless menses expectancy and a measure of feminine appearance.In this case, the best option will be the COC contraception (Mersilon, Logest, Femoden, Regulon etc.).

It should be noted that the tolerance to the pill lasts from one to three months.In this period are possible unscheduled bleeding, mild nausea, and headaches.Over time, the symptoms disappear on their own.If not, you should see a doctor and to change the drug.