changes in the liver are caused by adverse factors, which include an unbalanced diet, a man carried a variety of infections, use of hepatotoxic drugs such as NSAIDs, antibiotics, hormones and other antihypertensive drugs, obesity, as well as the propensity to use alcohol.And, of course, unfavorable environment, failure to comply with the correct mode of work and rest.

Versatility "EssentialeĀ»

for the protection and recovery of the liver cells requires treatment by means such as hepatoprotectors, which include "Essentiale".

active substance "Essentiale" are essential phospholipids.Using these tools allows you to confidently restore the functionality of hepatocytes, as well as to solve the problem with fatty liver.This drug is used to stop the spread of fibrotic changes i
n the body. Phospholipids are in "Essentiale" quick launch processes to naturally restore the hepatocytes.

the same exact components contain many other drugs.It is enough to list some "Brentsiale fort", "Gepabene", "Essel Forte", "Livolin fort", "Phosphogliv", "Phosphatidylcholine", "Geptral", "Essliver fort", "lipostabil."

listed here considered analogous drugs "Essentiale".The term analog refers to a preparation which has the same, not proprietary international name.


appointed to replace analogue drug, be sure to consult with your doctor.However, similar in composition as well as the action of drugs considered "Enerliv" and "Essliver."

Phospholipids in these analogues, in addition to the above properties, "Essentiale" allow even reduce the amount of cholesterol and have a pronounced cholesterol-lowering effect. Presumably, the mechanisms of action of drugs that are associated with the ability to stabilize the cell membranes of hepatocytes, which allows faster recovery.

addition, such drugs do not allow you to quickly oxidized lipids in the liver tissue and form of these compounds peroxides.They also inhibit the synthesis of a substance such as collagen.

So, if a person has not yet decided for themselves which means it is suitable, you should first consult your doctor and be sure to clarify what analogues can be used, in addition to "Essentiale".