If you need to make up for the lack of protein in the body, take amino acids before breakfast.At this time they are faster and more efficiently neutralized so-called "protein window".
To achieve maximum muscle growth and optimal flow of regenerative processes, consume amino acids for the night.You will rest, but this time your muscle can get extra food.
Acute body's need for protein comes after physical exertion.Therefore, if you train hard, then no later than 20-30 minutes after the completion of studies take a certain dose of amino acids.This is very important since they help decrease the catabolic processes aimed at the destruction of substances that are used for the
construction of tissues.
If you want to gain muscle mass, take amino acids and after and before training.So you will provide a powerful energy potential and improve your muscles.
Do not take amino acids in combination with Gainer, or different protein meal replacement.So you reduce the rate of assimilation of amino acids, that is, lose the very meaning of the reception.
If your goal - losing weight, choose a tight schedule reception.Include the use of amino acids between meals.Thus, you reduce your appetite.
Alternate amino acids in pure form with the reception of the complex protein components.Thus the result will be more efficient.Remember that pure amino acids is undesirable to take too long a period - may show side effects.
Take amino acids in severe doses, of which you will have to consult a doctor.A strong surplus of them in the body can lead to disturbances in the liver and kidneys.