Fish oil - a product derived from cod liver oil.In its structure - oleic acid, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.At the use of this acid may protect against diabetes, prevent the development of breast cancer.The structure also includes and palmitic acid, which is coupled with oleic acid produces prostaglandins.This complex possesses anti-inflammatory effects.Apart from these acids in fish oil are polyunsaturated fatty acids.It

fatty acids in fish oil help reduce the risk of heart and vascular diseases, as well as the normalization of blood pressure.At the use of fish oil can be gradually reduce depression and improve overall health.

Write out the fish oil in atherosclerosis, rickets, night blindness, and even tuberculosis.Fish oil is able to protect the respiratory system (trachea, br
onchi, lungs).Men drink, doctors recommend fish oil to reduce the risk of inflammation and prostate cancer.Incredibly useful fish oil for pregnant women at different stages.Experts recommend taking fish oil with vegetables that contain vitamins D and A.

Fish oil is useful if you have problems with skin and hair.

If the body revealed a high content of calcium and vitamin D, impaired thyroid activity and has renal failure, fish oil should be taken with caution.You should not take fish oil on an empty stomach.It can cause heartburn and the excessive secretion of bile.If a person is allergic to fish products, it is not recommended to take this natural remedy.If a person suffers from low blood pressure, the fish oil is also not recommended.As part of the fish oil and has a "good" and "bad" cholesterol.

Young children should be given fish oil, taking into account many factors, as well as height, age and weight of the child.Any normal receiving fish oil should be discussed with your doctor.

Note the fish, which is made from fish oil.Depending on the places where the fish, it may contain harmful substances and toxins, and even heavy metals.Despite the fact that the production of fish oil removed most of the harmful substances, the risk is still present.

not self-medicate.It is better to consult a doctor, and even pass the appropriate tests.If all the parameters, you can take fish oil, it is safe to eat and stay healthy.