After she found out about the pregnancy, gynecologist appoints her intake of folic acid.This is a very important element, the lack of which can cause abnormal development of the placenta and fetus, cause abortion.The main function of folic acid is its involvement in the correct formation of the nervous system of the child.Doctors recommend to start taking these drugs is still at the planning stage of pregnancy.
But not only dangerous to the fetus lack of folic acid.Since this substance is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells, it can easily lead deficiency anemia in a pregnant woman.This in turn increases the risk of miscarriage and poor general condition of the mother and child.
If the level of hemoglobin is below normal pregnant, have a history of anemia, the doctor is obliged to appoint agents who will serve as an additional source of iron.Safest and most famous are "Fenyuls", "Sorbifer", "Maltofer."They contain iron in the most accessible and easy to form usevaemoy organism.They accepted rate, with constant monitoring of the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
Almost all pregnant women gynecologists prescribe drugs containing magnesium.It is often observed in girls cramping calf muscles that interfere with the normal life of leisure.At the same time, magnesium deficiency can lead to excessive reduction in the uterine wall, causing miscarriage may occur.
best-known may be called "Magnesium B6 forte", which should be taken from the first days of pregnancy.Magnesium affects the proper formation of the placenta, is involved in the growth of fetal cells, prevents the formation of spastic constipation in pregnant women, a positive effect on the emotional background and dream of the future mother.
Do not forget about calcium, which is involved in the formation of bone and allows the mother of the child to preserve beautiful hair, nails and teeth during pregnancy.The dosage for each woman individually chosen only after passing all required tests."Calcemin Advanced" or "Calcium D3 Nycomed" able to recover the deficit of this element during pregnancy.
Every pregnant woman should remember one important rule: no one drug can not be taken without consulting a gynecologist.Self-medication in this case must be completely absent, that there were no adverse effects on the fetus.