How to treat herpes

Modern medicine, unfortunately, did not have treatments that would allow to remove completely the herpes virus from the body.Therefore, the goal of therapy is to block reproduction of the pathogen in acute, maintenance of immune status to prevent a recurrence, the formation of an adequate immune response, prevention of damage or restoration after the disturbances caused by the activation of the virus in the body.

ingestion "Acyclovir" may experience the following side effects: fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions.

used in the treatment of herpes antiviral drugs in the group of acyclic nucleosides.These drugs include "Acyclovir", "Valacyclovir", "Panavir" and some others."Acyclovir" ("Zovirax") prevents the growth of the virus is relatively ine
xpensive, is effective in most cases, but it does not prevent the emergence of new relapse, the reason of which is the secondary immunodeficiency.This drug is prescribed 200 milligrams, it must be taken within five days.

What pills can block the herpes virus

«Valacyclovir" ("Valtrex") is more effective, it inhibits the full biological activity of the virus, blocking its reproduction, prevents the transmission of the pathogen in contacts.In the West, the drug is considered to be the primary means for the treatment of this disease.The tablets should be taken with herpes zoster three times a day for 1 year for a week.To block the herpes simplex virus taking 500 mg.means twice daily. «Valtrex" may cause gastralgia, poor appetite, headache, dizziness, fatigue, anemia, kidney failure.

«Famciclovir '(' Famvir ') has high efficacy against Herpes simplex virus and Herpes zoster.In the acute phase of herpes zoster it is recommended to take 0.5 g twice a day, or 0.25 g of the drug three times a day.The course of treatment should be at least 7 days.The drug in rare cases cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, skin rash.

«Panavir" exhibits antiviral activity, it relieves burning, itching, pain for two days.The drug is not toxic, its use increases the periods of remission 3 times.When herpes simplex can also use drops "Proteflazid" syrup "Flavozid."For the treatment of herpes in the US used "Docosanol" (in Russian - "Erazaban").