drug "Clotrimazole" externally prescribed for fungal skin diseases, fungal infections erythrasma, pityriasis versicolor and superficial candidiasis.In gynecology facility is used for the treatment of genital infections, including vulvovaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis.
solution, cream or ointment "Clotrimazole" should be used 2-3 times a day.Before applying means affected areas should be washed with soap with a neutral pH and dry.The drug should be applied, gently rubbing it into the skin.
duration of therapy "Clotrimazole" in tinea of ​​4 weeks or more.When pityriasis versicolor means should be used 1-3 weeks.Fungal diseases of the feet and the treatment shou
ld continue after the removal of the symptoms: Apply the ointment and cream should be more than 2, and the solution - at least 4 weeks.
tablets or candles "Clotrimazole" should be inserted into the vagina.The drug should be used 1 time per day, for the night.Use drug must be within a few days: the duration of treatment depends on the dosage means and severity of the disease.As a rule, the dosage of 100 mg tablets used 6 days, 200 mg - 3 days.It is also possible to use a single 500 mg dose of the drug.
Repeated treatment "Clotrimazole" can only be made on the recommendation of a physician.In some cases, treatment is recommended to combine the pills with a cream.Apply it should be on the vulva after the introduction of the suppository.During menstruation introvaginalnoe treatment is not recommended.
Treatment "Clotrimazole" usually runs well.In rare cases, the period of therapy side effects may occur as itching, burning or tingling sensations.For external applications are also possible peeling of the skin, swelling, blisters, or erythema at the site of funds.When expressed allergic reactions therapy "Clotrimazole" should be discontinued.