Gel "Holisal" is used for the treatment of stomatitis of various origin and of varying severity.The drug is prescribed for catarrhal stomatitis, accompanied by swelling and soreness all over the surface of the mucosa, ulcer, characterized by lesions of the entire thickness of the mucosa, as well as the canker sores with single or multiple sores.In addition, the drug is prescribed for treatment of injuries arising from complications of other diseases.Gel "Holisal" can be used to treat sores in adults and children.
analgesic effect occurs within 2-3 minutes after application of the gel and lasts from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the severity of lesions.

Instructions for use

«Holisal" should be used 2-3 times a day.To do this, the drug should be applied to the fin
ger and then light massage gently rub into the affected area of ​​the mouth.Adults use a strip of 1 cm gel for children is 0.5 cm long strips. drug can be used both before and after meals.Before eating "Holisal" is used for the purpose of pain relief.

Contraindications and warnings

drug has some contraindications.In particular, the drug is not prescribed for hypersensitive to salicylates and other components of the gel.Caution should be used "Holisal" pregnant and lactating women.Also very carefully and cautiously need to use the drug for the treatment of children under 1 year: should use the minimum amount of gel and not to abuse this tool.

the treatment gel may have side effects - a burning sensation or allergic reactions.They pass on their own after a short time and usually are not a cause for discontinuation of treatment.In case of strongly expressed and passing side effects is recommended to consult a doctor.

Reviews of preparation

According to reviews, "Holisal" effective in treating stomatitis.In particular, the gel helps not only to cure a disease but also good anaesthetises during therapy.The effectiveness of the drug immediately noticeable.Sometimes to eliminate the damage of the mucous enough 2-3 days.

Good reviews drug has pediatric particularly teething in children.The gel exerts an analgesic effect and reduce inflammation, whereby the children transfer step substantially easier.

When using the gel may occur some discomfort - a slight burning sensation at the site of the drug, which passes quickly and is not a reason for drug withdrawal.