penicillin - narrow spectrum antibiotics

To narrow spectrum antibiotics include penicillin drugs.They are the waste products of some types of fungi.For the manufacture of drugs most often used most active - benzylpenicillin.Penicillin antibiotics include "Bitsillin", "Oxacillin", "Ampicillin" and some others.

penicillins have an effect on gram-positive cocci from the list of microorganisms (streptococci, pneumococci, staphylococci, and others.), Spirochetes and some Gram-negative organisms (gonococci, meningococci).Penicillin drugs are ineffective against viruses tuberculosis, protozoan infections and most Gram-negative microorganisms. penicillins are active against bacteria that cause anthrax, actinomycosis, fusospirillosis.

penicillin-based antibiotics are used to eliminate severe sta
phylococcal and streptococcal skin lesions, abrasions, gangrenous shingles.These drugs can be administered to young children who have severe disease pyococcus: dermatitis epidemic pemphigus newborns psevdofurunkulez, erosive erythema buttocks.They are effective in the treatment of patients with lupus erythematosus, scleroderma.

Indications for use drugs streptomycin

streptomycin drugs is also referred to as narrow spectrum antibiotics actions.Streptomycin is produced radiant fungus called Actinomyces globisporus streptomycini, as well as other related microorganisms.Preparations of this fungus to take an active effect on most gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms to some and acid bacteria.This group of antibiotics include "Streptomycin sulfate" "dihydrostreptomycin pantothenate" "Digidrostreptimitsina ascorbate" "Streptodimitsin". streptomycin do not have effective action on anaerobic microbes, viruses, spirochetes, rickettsiae.

Streptomycin Medications prescribed for many skin diseases.Most often they are used in various forms of tuberculosis, including tuberculosis skin.Streptomycin in such cases shall be appointed concurrently with other drugs and fortifying agent.It is not recommended to use drugs for the treatment of non-tuberculous streptomycin diseases.

take antibiotics narrow spectrum should be only on prescription.The dose, the treatment duration determined by the physician individually in each case.Antibiotics produced in the form of tablets for oral use, ampoules for injections with a solution, in powder form, to make a solution.These drugs have certain side effects, their list is indicated in the instructions to the drug.