Firstly, vitamins can be obtained from foods and from the tablets.It is very widely believed that vitamins entering the body in a natural way, healthier and better absorbed.This is not true.Scientists have proved that the activity for substances obtained by different, identical.So that the digestibility of natural vitamins occurs faster than synthetic.
Second, the full range of vitamins derived from nature even more difficult.This is because in vegetables and fruits vitamins exist in bound form, and they are absorbed worse than chemical analogs.Man must support your body with the help of pharmaceutical agents.This does not concern only one vitamin - E. The synthetic form is less active than in the natural.
get all the necessary vitamins from natural foods is not easy also because at any processing they l
ose many useful properties.This also applies to the preparation of the fire, and brining.But there is a way that not only preserves the vitamins, but also leads them into a more active form - pickling.This means that the sauerkraut vitamins more than fresh, and they are better absorbed.
very important to know that the digestibility of vitamins affect their compatibility.Some contact materials are well and complement each other, while others impede the assimilation of the body, blocking their antagonists.Eating antagonists, you can not harm your health, but also does not help.In this case, you simply use a pacifier, because of vitamin simply neutralized.Especially a lot of antagonists are vitamin B12, calcium and iron.
Finally, the digestibility of vitamins affects the time that you accept them.It is best to use vitamins in the morning and not at night, when the body was tired and ready for sleep.And do not forget to do it during the meal.The assimilation of vitamins will be better, like a biologically active additives.