you need
  • Telephone, reference pharmacies online.
more progressive approach, as opposed to a personal visit pharmacies - call.Open the book and ring up the pharmacy.It is better to use an electronic update the directory information is to be authentic, you'll see some of them close to your home.
If you have Internet access, then visit the pharmacy sites, whose addresses can be found in the same directory inquiry services on the websites or search engine.On the main page of the site find a pharmacy service "search".Here in the empty box write the medicines and .Make sure to specify the correct name, dosage, etc.Click "Search" or «Enter».The generated results will be the answer.If medicines of rare and / or expensive, possibly in the presence of it will not.Then look at another pharmacy.
In large cities there are referral services, which immediately organized search medicines and all the pharmacies of the city.It is much more convenient than visiting the site every pharmacy.In the middle you leave request and receive a reply with a price.In the settings you can specify your search area.
There are some sites and at the national level.You choose your city and start the search by analogy, as noted above.Regions in these search engines are not presented vse.Primery websites where you can learn about the presence of drugs in Russia:
Help System Drug , which would cover all cities, no.Therefore, if you have not found your city on content sites in the country and in your city does not have a reference site for all pharmacies have to surf pharmacies separately.
Once you find out about the availability and price of drugs a call and verify it.Ask if you can leave the order by phone.
If medicines and there throughout the city, surely it can be ordered.The usual delivery time is 1 business day.This question is answered using the phone.