In some cases, you can take "Stodal"?

Syrup "Stodal" is used in the treatment of all types of cough in adults and children.Strict contraindications to the use of the drug is not available, but it is not indicated in case of hypersensitivity to one or more components.

during pregnancy "Stodal" may only be used after consultation with the doctor, and use the syrup when I trimester of pregnancy is not desirable.During breastfeeding reception syrup also not recommended because of its structure is present in a significant amount of ethanol 69 mg of ethanol contained in one teaspoon of drug and 206 mg - in one tablespoon.For the same reason, "Stodal" administered with caution to patients suffering from alcoh
ol dependence, as well as those with severe hepatic impairment.

patients with diabetes while taking the drug must be considered that in its composition contains a large amount of sugar: one tablespoon of syrup "Stodal" contains 0,94 bread units, and one teaspoon - 0.31 bread unit.

The instructions to the drug did not lead to the application of an age limit, but experts point out that "Stodal" should be used to treat children are not younger than two years.

Terms of the drug "StodalĀ»

Adult patients should take 15 ml of syrup (1 tablespoon) of 3 to 5 times a day depending on the severity of coughing.The dose for children is 5 ml (1 teaspoon), and the dosing frequency may be the same as for adult patients.

As a rule, under intense cough "Stodal" take up to 5 times a day, followed by the improvement of the methods of reducing the number.Drinking syrup is recommended for half an hour before meals or after the same meal.Immediately after taking the syrup should not drink or eat, as this may slightly reduce its therapeutic effect.

duration of treatment should be agreed with your physician."Stodal" released from pharmacies without a prescription, and in most cases can be used without first consulting with a specialist, but if after a few days of treatment no improvement is observed, seek medical advice.Consultation with a specialist is also required if the drug causes the development of any adverse reactions, such as allergies.