a mistake to assume that drug addiction - the inheritance of poverty.Anyone can become a drug addict, regardless of their status and financial position.One phrase: "Try it, it's so nice, you do not wimp" is able to push the reckless acts.

Drugs can offer anywhere: in a nightclub, near the school, and even in your backyard.Typically, drug addicts begin with light means: tablets, tobacco blend, powders, etc.Having tried once, man will not easily give up on this type of relaxation in the future.

The first thing you should pay attention - the behavior of a loved one.Closure, craving solitude, long a pastime in the bathroom (sometimes even without the sound of running water), unusual phone calls - you should alert everyone that goes beyond the usual rhythm

of life.

Dazed addicts or hibernate, or become extremely excited (depending on the type of drug) can talk non-stop and grab a few things at once.There are also horse racing appetite: from complete rejection of food to binge eating.

Listen to smells.When used spice, for example, comes from a man sour smell of expired medicines from herbs fans can smell acetone (since marijuana boiled in acetone), etc.

When a person sits on the powder, he almost immediately appears allergic rhinitis (runny nose), or, conversely, dry nose.The tip of the nose is usually reddish, sometimes scaly, like when chapping.Due to the dryness of the skin can crack nostrils.

Note view.At present the effect of a drug addict lifeless eyes.When he looks at you, it gives the impression that he is looking somewhere through the man.Pupils either expanded or similar to a small point.

When switching to intravenous drug use a person loses weight rapidly.Sharpen facial features appear under the eyes dark circles.In the "sober" state marked depression, nervousness in anticipation of a new dose.Intoxicated speech becomes slow, a person can "freeze" while standing and not react to anything.

addition to visual signs of an effective method for the determination of drug addiction is considered a rapid test that can be bought at a pharmacy.

To identify amphetamine, morphine and marijuana in human urine, for example, uses a set of strips «ImmunoHrom-3-MULTI-Express» .For the harder drugs such as cocaine in the title should stand number 5.

By way of application tests resemble pregnancy tests, so to cope with the task will not be difficult.If the version of the analysis of urine are not satisfied, you can take the test with saliva ( Oralayn, Narcoscreen et al.).

In the case of a positive result it is not necessary to panic and falls on a loved one reproaches and accusations.It is important to understand the causes of addiction and to persuade the person to apply to the drug treatment clinic for qualified help.Your faith in a favorable outcome, and perseverance on the path to achieve the goal together with the advice of psychologists and drug treatment to solve the problem once and for all.