February 1, the 13th day of the moon

One of the most suitable day for haircuts.It will make your hair healthier and appearance - attractive.From February 1 color should be abandoned.Do not use even a tonic.

February 2, 14th day of the moon

a haircut that day, soon you'll feel like you will chase success.Making color today stars "recommended" only gentle dyes.

February 3 15th lunar day

If you make the cut today, can bring headaches.It is better to do that day hair mask.Paint them only in dark colors and only natural remedies.

February 4 16th lunar day

Harvest Moon.Go for a haircut today, it is not recommended as it may appear after health problems.To paint hair in dark tones, you can avoid the environmental impact of bad energy.

February 5th, the 17th day of

the moon

Do not cut, because it may contribute to the fact that your loved one will change you.But today it is possible to do color, but only a means of subsistence, such as henna or basma.

February 6 the 18th lunar day

unfavorable day for haircuts, as it can bring on sickness and minor injuries.Do not tempt fate, now enjoy a better mental improvement.If you want to maintain good relations with others, his locks in color red or light color.

February 7th, the 19th day of the moon

Avoid mowing, if you do not want to lose a large amount of money or something of value for themselves.Hair can be painted, but only in the shade that has a positive influence on you.

February 8, the 20th day of the moon

great day for haircuts.Today sostriganie hair will help to increase life expectancy.If you want to "pull" in his life the "right" people do coloration in its natural color.

February 9 21 th lunar day

bad day for the hike to the hairdresser.Haircut and color do better today.Read a book or take a walk.

February 10 22th lunar day

Manipulation hair today will bring prosperity and good fortune.If you decide to dye hair in red and bright colors, very soon you will notice that your life has become much more bright and positive people.

February 11, the 23rd day of the lunar

You can go for a haircut, but it will contribute to a raise extra kilos.If you feel that you need them, feel free to cut the their hair.The color can be made only to your natural color.

February 12, the 24th day of the moon

Avoid hairstyles, hair coloring and for use only natural dyes.Dedicate this day to their loved ones: take a walk or shopping together.

February 13, the 24th day of the moon

Today's haircut will contribute to improving the image and will have a positive effect on the complexion.Do coloring in this day can be in absolutely any color.

February 14, the 25th day of the moon

Haircut is not recommended, otherwise you risk to the person to bring a variety of eye health issues.From today, painting is also better to abstain.

February 15, the 26th day of the moon

favorable enough time to make the cut.It will bring a joyful emotions.If you need to find common ground with others, dye hair in a natural shade.

February 16, the 27th day of the moon

A good day for a change of image, so you can do any haircut.Today it is not forbidden and radical change "suits."Experiment!

February 17, the 28th day of the moon

a haircut today, you will be able to attract the attention of the opposite sex.From coloring should be avoided.

February 18, the 29th day of the moon

sheared locks today categorically impossible.It is believed that in this day and your mind can be cut off with the hair.If you do not want to call the monetary instability, coloring postponed for a day in February.

February 19 1st and 2nd lunar days

time of the new moon, which is why this winter day is unfavorable for haircuts.It is believed that the new moon can lead to a reduction in life.Dye your hair is possible, but only by natural means.It is also permissible to use a tint mousses, shampoos, foams.

February 20, the third lunar day

haircut on this day in February may be dangerous to health.Avoid bleaching hair.Change the "suit" only natural remedies.

February 21 4th lunar day

Having decided to cut, you will be all day to feel the fears that are completely groundless.Making color is possible, however, for a radical change of color, choose a day.

February 22 5th lunar day

Perhaps the most auspicious day of February 2015 for a hairstyle.Making it today, you have a chance to get rich, and quite palpable.To conclude a lucrative contract in the hair color lighter tone.This will increase your attractiveness.

Feb. 23, the 6th day of the moon

not a good time for a haircut.Any manipulation of the hair on this day will attract health problems.It is better to arrange your favorite men unforgettable holiday.

February 24 7th lunar day

Sostriganie Hair attract luck, improve the health and make life brighter.Do not miss a moment!Today, if you radically change your hair color, you increase the attractiveness.

February 25 8th lunar day

a haircut, you run the risk of incurring a quarrel with his supporters.Resorting to color hair, you can spoil your own reputation.It is better to be engaged in the day shopping or dancing.

February 26 9th lunar day

are not recorded on this day for a haircut, or you can make new diseases.If you want to avoid most of the failures, dye hair in a light color.

February 27, the 10th day of the moon

Haircut this February day will bring luck.Paint the curls henna or basma, you will strengthen the immune system.

Feb. 28, the 11th day of the moon

Last winter's day is a good day for haircuts, it will make your life brighter, more interesting.Paint the hair in shades of gold or copper color, in the near future to get more profit.