What scar

Scars - a scarring of tissue after injury.At the site of the skin formed connective tissue that is growing very quickly and it is usually very different from the surrounding tissue.

Most scars strain behalf of women, because they are more closely related to their appearance.But not all men are willing to get along with these changes in the skin.Therefore, the increasing popularity won the ointments from the scars, they can be used to significantly reduce the formation, but, unfortunately, the scar will not disappear completely.

What are the ointments from the scars

course, the pharmaceutical industry has released for consumers a lot of ointments from the scars, but not all are effective.Very popular product is considered to be an ointment "Contractubex" Of course, some feel that the price for it too high.B
ut this drug is approved for use by pregnant women and young children.

«Contractubex" softens the rigid scar tissue reduces the pain and, most importantly, aligns the surface of the scar under the surrounding healthy tissue.Thus, the cream makes the scar less noticeable and not conspicuous.

Since ointment scars people use over a long period, it is necessary that she was absolutely natural and safe structure.To this type of drugs is "Klirvin."Aloe vera, turmeric, neem, beeswax form the basis of an ointment.All components penetrate deeply into the scar tissue, making it more mobile and flexible, this action is very save from pain around the scar.

Ointment "Mederma" great beauty heals small scars that are formed in place of pimples or acne.Tissue become more elastic, and the color of the scar aligned and ceases to be bluish.Consumers say efficiency of the staff, so willing to spend on a certain amount of money.

course, when doctors prescribe ointments from the scars, they immediately warn that one should not expect complete resolution of scar tissue.Ointments only help with small scars, often they do not reduce their size, but only aligned, make it more flexible, mobile, and color of the scar becomes more natural look.To achieve this effect, it is necessary to use the above compositions regularly, once a day for 3-4 months.If you want to achieve a cosmetic effect, then the treatment is not worth saving.