lytic mixture: composition, indications for use

main drug, part of the lytic cocktail - "Analgin".It is up to 50% of the total drug."Analgin" has antipyretic effect and reduces the temperature.In addition to the drug use "Diphenhydramine", which enhances the therapeutic effect of "Analgin" and has an antihistamine (anti-allergic) action.Instead of "Diphenhydramine" can be used "Suprastin" or "Tavegil."

The lytic mixture also include "Papaverine hydrochloride", has antispasmodic action.The drug dilates the peripheral blood vessels and increases the therapeutic effect "Analgin".The indications for intramuscular administration of lytic mixture is high temperature (38,5oS).In most cases it is used after failure antipyretics for ingestion ("Nurofen" "Paracetamol" etc.).Lytic mixture also prescribed for not receiving the drug inside: in disorders of consciousness, vomiting, refusal to take medic

How to use a mixture of lytic

To quickly reduce heat lytic mixture is injected intramuscularly.In this case, the temperature decreases in 10-15 min.Adults and children from 12 years 1 ml injected "Analgin" 1.5-2 ml "Papaverine hydrochloride", 1 mL of diphenhydramine ("tavegil", "suprastin").Preparations are gaining in 1 syringe and 1 injection do.

For children under the age of 12 years the composition and amount of lytic cocktail calculated from 0.1 ml of each drug for 1 year of life.For example, a year-old child need to dial into a syringe with 0.1 ml "Analgin" 0.1 ml "Papaverine hydrochloride" 0.1 ml "Diphenhydramine" and make an intramuscular injection.

In the case of urgent need of solutions prepared for injection drug lytic mixture can be taken inside.The temperature will drop, but more slowly than when administered intramuscularly.Note that "Analgin" not recommended for children due to its irritant effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.In this case it is better to use candles.There

dosage forms other antipyretics oral (syrup, suspension).Their combination in age dosage is much more convenient to use than the lytic mixture.As a result of the temperature decrease in the preparations for 30 minutes - one hour.

lytic mixture is contraindicated if a high fever accompanied by abdominal pain.Its use can mask symptoms and cause the development of conditions that are hazardous to life.Do not use the lytic mixture, if in the last 4 hours to reduce the temperature has used the funds included in the mixture (eg, "Analgin")."Papaverine hydrochloride" is not used in the mixture for children under 6 months.