How to improve memory using drugs

memory impairment in need of effective treatment.For the selection of the appropriate remedy is recommended to consult a doctor.Many of these funds are sold in pharmacies by prescription only.For non-prescription drugs, has a positive effect on memory function, include: "piracetam", "nootropics," "Glycine", "Pikamilon", "Aminalon", "Phenibut.""Piracetam" is a group of neuroprotective drugs.He has a positive effect on the condition and function of the brain, normalize metabolic processes, improves memory and attention.The drug is prescribed for disorders of blood circulation in the brain, cerebrovascular disease,
diseases of the nervous system, depression.

«nootropics" improves circulation, normalizes the function of the brain, leads to normal blood pressure, saturate the body with oxygen, improves mood, eliminates problems with sleep, improves memory and attention improves the efficiency of the brain, relieves emotional stress."Aminalon" is a neuroprotective drug in the brain, he restores the metabolic processes, removes toxins and promotes recycling process glucose.Funds designated to improve memory and concentration, speech reconstruction, strengthening resistance to hypoxia.

Other drugs to improve memory

«Phenibut" improves the function of the brain, leads to normal metabolic processes, reduces vascular tone, relieve anxiety and tension, normalizes sleep, improves memory and concentration."Pikamilon" has antioxidant and tranquilizing effect, improves the functional state of the brain, reduces anxiety, stress, relieves tension."Intellan" is a great stimulator of brain activity.It is recommended in case of violation of memory, with nervous tension and stress, as well as a delay in the development of children.

safest drug is "Glycine".It is included in the metabolism of brain cells, does not accumulate in tissues, is easily excreted from the body, it does not cause addiction.His take, not only for diseases, but in situations of high psychological and mental stress, long-term stress, emotional lability, sleep disorders.The tool reduces the toxic effects of alcohol.There are vitamin complexes, improves memory and attention ("Duovit" "Berocca", "Multitabs" "Vitrum Classic"), which include the B vitamins, vitamins D, E, P et al.