This medicine is an average of 3-4 times cheaper than the "Cavinton."The drug is at least as effective means for improving blood circulation in the brain.The drug also improves brain metabolism and has antispasmodic action, which allows for headache relief, improved transportation of oxygen to the brain and improve blood composition as a whole.Unlike "Cavinton" preparation may be used as an anti-memory impairment, frequent dizziness, apraxia, and frequent headaches.Like "Cavinton" medicine is used to treat problems with the stroke, encephalopathy.The drug is widely used in ophthalmology. analogue of "Bravintona" acts "Vinpocetine" having a value that does not excee
d an average of 110P.

Do not self-prescribe these drugs themselves and to replace medication without consulting your doctor.These funds have a different composition, contraindications and side effects range.


«Korsavin" as "Bravinton" contains in its composition vinpocetine, which creates the effect of the drug.The cost of substitute lower prices "Cavinton" about 1.5 - 2 times when buying tablets 5 mg.The drug improves cerebral blood circulation, expanding the blood vessels of the brain, improving blood circulation and supply the brain with nutrients, including oxygen and glucose.The drug has a relaxing effect on blood vessels, reducing the risk of stroke, and ischemia.The drug can reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation in the brain due to improved compositions and platelet diluting effect on the blood.The drug has the same indications as the "Bravinton", which makes it a valid analog of the drug. Other inexpensive generic versions can be noted "Vero Vinpocetine", "Vintsetin", "Korsavin Forte."


Action "Telektola" is also based on vinpocetine, but the product has a slightly different composition of adjuvants for better absorption of the drug, as opposed to "Bravintona" and "Korsavina."Another difference is the means of its presence on the shelves of pharmacies in a dosage of both 5 and 10 mg, which may be better suited for patients with certain diseases.The cost of "Telektola" 2-3 times lower than the "Korsavina" and the level of efficiency is assessed as equivalent.