The human nervous system is not able to withstand the constant exposure to stress of various kinds.For them, it responds differently: can be withdrawn, depressed mood, depression and even mental breakdown.Independently of this vicious circle is very hard to get.Therefore, to maintain the nervous system should turn to sedatives.

To properly select a sedative, you should pay attention to some points: What are the side effects occur when using the drug, how it affects your concentration and memory, as it is natural.

Sedatives vegetable

When the effect of negative factors did not happen for a long time, it is possible to calm the body with natural herbs.An excellent relaxing and soothing effect has tea from lemon balm, mint or chamomile.These teas can be used at home or at work, and to replace them already bored b
lack tea or coffee.They have a more rapid effect with valerian extracts or herbs listed above.About 20 drops of tincture is added to half a glass of water.

drug has no braking effect does not reduce the rate of reaction, well tolerated by most people do not have side effects.Those who find it difficult to make tea every day can be purchased at pharmacies valerian tablets.Sedatives plant can be given even to children.

Sedatives stronger action

When soothing tea no longer has the desired effect or stress is longer example is the exam students can turn to stronger drugs.They will not be of plant origin, but are safe and have no soporific or inhibitory effect.

«Glycine '- a very popular sedative, which normalizes the metabolic processes in the brain, relieves stress and improves mental performance.Small sweetish tablets must be kept under the tongue until completely dissolved.

Motorists and active travelers will appreciate the drug "Persia", which does not lower the concentration, does not cause drowsiness.I am particularly pleased that the drug contains extracts of lemon balm, peppermint and valerian, so it can be considered natural.If properly observe the dosage, after receiving a course of "The Persians" stress recedes.