The human body is built from amino acids, among which an important place takes glutamine.Glutamine is synthesized in the body and is involved in vital physiological processes.The proportion of this material is more than 60% of all the amino acids involved in the structure of the human body.Despite the fact that in the body occurs regularly glutamine synthesis, it belongs to the conditionally essential amino acids, as stocks of the substance must be regularly replenished from outside.A number of amino acids contained in the food, but more often with a deficit of glutamine appointed artificially synthesized chemicals.

Among the foods richest in glutamine, beef, chicken, lean fish, dairy products, cheese, cabbage, beans, spinach, beets, and fresh vegetable juices.

Pharmacological properties

amino acid involved in protein synthesis, and thus forms a smooth and striated muscle.In addition, a sufficient amount of glutamine is necessary for detoxification.The amino acid is synthesized in the liver and protects the body from the harmful effects of toxic degradation products.Glutamine is involved in the formation of a healthy acid-base balance and ensures the smooth operation of the central nervous system, improves nerve conduction and normalizes the metabolism of neurons.Finally, an important property of glutamine is its antioxidant effect.Agent blocks the formation of free radicals and thus prevents premature aging tissues.

glutamine deficiency leads to poor concentration ability, reduce the overall level of performance, memory impairment.That is why the drug is prescribed to improve the nervous activity and support of basic cognitive functions in stress and diseases related to the CNS.


In the combined therapy "Glutamine" prescribed in the following diseases:

- somatoform psychosis;
- epileptic seizures;
- clinical depression;
- schizophrenia;
- post-traumatic stress disorder;
- chronic sleep disorders;
- progressive myopathy;
- progressive encephalopathy;
- polio;
- toxic neuropathy;
- Down's syndrome;
- meningitis and its consequences;
- encephalitis and its consequences;
- disease of the connective tissue;
- impotence;
- alcoholism.

also "Glutamine" may be appointed as maintenance and preventive agent for mental and physical exhaustion, for rehabilitation after severe injuries and diseases, degenerative changes in muscle tissue.Thanks to the active influence of the drug on the formation of skeletal muscles, bodybuilders often take it.

Contraindications to receiving glutamine are liver failure, pregnancy and child.It is not recommended to take the drug for peptic ulcer, anemia, leukopenia, increased nervous excitability.


¬ęGlutamine" on prescription can be purchased at any pharmacy.The drug is sold in powder form, which must be diluted in water.The daily dosage is 15-20 g for an adult.Take "Glutamine" should be three times a day, dividing the daily dose into three doses.For a single dose of 5 grams of the drug dissolve in 100 ml of water or juice and taken with food.Pre-read the instructions and consult your doctor, who will determine the optimal dosage.