Tip 1: How to treat bradycardia and the

called bradycardia, slowing heart rate to 50 beats per minute less.This body receives less oxygen and nutrients needed for the full functioning of all organs and systems.Bradycardia can be physiological and pathological.Physiological poses no threat to the body, it occurs at rest (sleep), at a pressure in the carotid artery, for example, tie, while taking heart medications - beta blockers.
you need
  • Prepare the following components for the treatment of bradycardia:
  • - the young shoots of pine;
  • - vodka;
  • - bee Podmore.
to treat physiological bradycardia prepare the next infusion.Take 60 grams of pine young shoots, and fill them with 300 ml of vodka.Put it stand in the sun for 10 days.Take 20 drops in 20 minutes before a meal three times a day.
bee Podmore - great biostimulator.Folk healers recommend it to reception and bradycardia.Take a glass of dead bees, put in half-liter jar, fill it to the brim with vodka or 45% alcohol.Insist 21 days in a dark place, shaking occasi
onally.Then filter the infusion, wring out the raw materials.Take a tablespoon diluted in 50 ml of water.The course of treatment - a month, a month and then a break, then you can repeat the treatment.

Tip 2: How to treat bradycardia

bradycardia - a decrease in heart rate.The reason lies in the pathology of age-related changes, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.Treating bradycardia should take place under mandatory supervision cardiologist.
How to treat bradycardia
bradycardia accompanied by dizziness, frequent fainting, shortness of breath, painful sensations in the left side of the chest, decreased consciousness, a sense of fatigue.Treatment can reduce symptoms, normalize heart rate.

Treating bradycardia

Before treatment of bradycardia, need to find out what was the cause of it.If the pathology is negligible, special treatment is not required, it is sufficient to normalize the pulse use herbal concoctions.If bradycardia is a symptom of the disease, treatment is carried out by assigning a course of therapy with the use of drugs, corrective carbohydrate metabolism, electrolyte balance and eliminate the lack of oxygen in the blood.

When bradycardia is a serious threat, leading to circulatory problems, we recommend taking drugs with antiarrhythmic properties.Independently use these funds is prohibited, as they can cause serious side effects.

When the treatment does not lead to positive dynamics shown surgical intervention.His goal - to implant the pacemaker regulating heart rate.

Traditional methods of treating bradycardia

use herbal in treating bradycardia helps to normalize heart rate.Fees apply only after doctor's permission.

can prepare a means consisting of lemon, garlic and honey.10 fresh lemons cut into several pieces, and pour boiling water.A minute later, the fruit is taken from the water and squeeze the juice from them.10 heads of garlic peeled and rub until mushy state.In a glass container were mixed mashed garlic, lemon juice and a liter of honey.

Within 10 days means should insist in a cool, dark locations.Assuming it is recommended to 4 teaspoons, slowly dissolving, 1 times a day.The course of treatment will be 3mesyatsa.Repeat the course will be in a year.Before taking the mixture was sure to stir.

good effect is observed when using the infusion of yarrow.15 g dry herb brewed cup of boiling water and continue heating means to simmer for 20 minutes.The drink should infuse at room temperature for 2 hours.Drink a tablespoon of infusion 3 times a day.
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should know that acquired bradycardia may be due to diseases of the endocrine systeminflammatory disease of the heart muscle, age-sclerotic cardiac diseases, and others. In this case it is necessary treating the underlying disease rather than the treatment of bradycardia.
Helpful Hint
If a person all his life was a rare heart rate, mean - it's just a feature of an organism, and of particular concern is not exercised.It should lead a healthy lifestyle, to respect the principles of healthy eating: Limit sweets, animal fats, foods rich in cholesterol.Including in the diet more foods rich in calcium, vitamins and trace elements (greens vegetables, dairy products, oranges, celery, mint, seafood).If bradycardia contraindicated: baked potatoes, honey, apricots, dried apricots, cherries, currants, cherries, cranberries, peaches.
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