Ophthalmologists recommend at eye fatigue take "Vizin pure tears."These droplets can be used regularly since they consist of natural vegetable components and have no side effects.Means perfectly removes fatigue and moistens the eye.The average price of these drops in Russian pharmacies is 145 rubles.
only drug which not only eliminates the symptoms of eye fatigue, but also acts on the cause of the disease is "Vizotimin."In such means, and the corresponding price - 500 rubles.It is often used as keratoprotektora.These eye drops normalize slezoprodutsiruyuschih conjunctival cells, reduce inflammation and restore the composition of the tear film."Vizotimin" appoint patien
ts older than 18 years.Before use, check with your doctor.
also to relieve symptoms of discomfort and eye fatigue using a drop of "Sisteyn Ultra".They effectively help your eyes relax after long hours of work at the monitor and eliminate the irritation of the eyes, which arose under the influence of dry air, sunlight, smoke and dust.Also, these drops are well moisturize the eye with a long wearing lenses.
There is a drug is a drug analog of human tears.It is called "Tears of Natural."It relieves tired eyes by filling the tear fluid and additionally moisturizes the cornea.Take these drops should be as necessary to eliminate the feeling of fatigue and discomfort in the eyes.An analogue of the drug is a gel "Oftagel."
Liquidation eye fatigue drops "Oksial."It is composed of electrolytes and hyaluronic acid.This drug is effective in the speedy restoration of corneal cells.Also, moisturize and soften the cornea drops "Oftolik."The components of this tool to protect your eyes from fatigue, drying and irritation.
For patients suffering from fatigue and dry eyes, ophthalmologists recommend "Vidisik."It is an inert biological hydrogel, similar in composition to human tears.The "Likontina" among the components available chlorhexidine, which has a disinfectant action.The product is especially recommended for patients wearing lenses.It protects the eyes from fatigue and drying.All these medicines in pharmacies around the same price - 200-250 rubles.
For eye drops, relieves fatigue the eye, it can be attributed "Hilo-dresser", "Hilozar Chest", "Inox", "Taufon."Among domestic products is worth noting "Torch", which included, in addition to the necessary components are vitamins E and A, pine resin.