«Piracetam": description of the action

therapeutic effects "piracetam" in the structure of the brain is achieved by stimulating the blood circulation and strengthen the tissue metabolism.The drug restores blood flow to the areas affected by the ischemic process.Therapeutic effect develops gradually and becomes visible, usually seven days after the start of treatment.

«Piracetam" activates associative processes in the central nervous system, improves memory and mood.It increases intellectual activity, restores the memory, consciousness and speech with various violations, facilitates the learning process.The drug has a neuroprotective effect in hypoxic injuries, electric shock and intoxication.

Prolonged use nootropics marked increase in mental and brain activity."Pirace
tam" improves the integrative activity of the brain in response to external stimuli.In newborn infants, the drug is used to speed up the recovery process after a possible generic and fetal hypoxia.

Indications "pyracetam»

«Piracetam" is used in neurological, psychiatric and drug treatment practice.It is used in vascular brain diseases involving impairment of memory, attention and language, with the dizziness and headache in the recovery period of ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injuries and intoxications.The drug is used to treat depression with symptoms of adynamia and correction of violations of emotional and volitional. Persons older than 40 years "piracetam" is recommended as a prophylactic for the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Application "piracetam" alcoholism

«Piracetam" can be used in case of acute ethanol poisoning, and for the treatment of psycho-organic syndrome in chronic alcoholism.It effectively eliminates the symptoms of intoxication in the brain structures, and restores neuronal connections, thus contributing to a decrease in the patient's thrust to alcohol.

«Piracetam": contraindications

«Piracetam" can not be used in hemorrhagic stroke, renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance «Piracetam" enhances the action of stimulants and can cause insomnia. Do not use it after 18 hours.

Dosing "piracetam": User

for use of the drug, there are certain schemes. Starting treatment "piracetam" recommended the introduction of intravenous or intramuscular injection. Then, continuation of treatment comes in tablet form. The dosage depends on the severitystatus and are selected individually.