How long after abortion can have sex again?

If you do not know how many days you can not be sexually active after the operation of abortion, you have to understand that a lot depends on whether an abortion was made - medical or surgical.Of course, all the questions about contraceptives after an abortion and sexuality should meet the doctor, but, in practice, the experts somehow overlooked discuss with patients this delicate subject.

Whatever kind of abortion is chosen, you should not have sex until then, until the doctor invite you to re-examination, which is carried out after a certain time after the abortion.The specialist should conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of genital organs, to draw conclusions about the smears, pelvic ultrasound.Only after th
at the gynecologist can decide whether the patient enjoy a full sex life and use of contraceptives. In addition, there are certain periods of abstinence, which depend on the chosen method of abortion gynecologist.

usual abortion (surgical)

Even if the scraping was carried out highly skilled professionals, the shell internal reproductive organs necessarily damaged.On the full restoration of the mucosa may take two weeks or a few months.In addition, do not forget about the surgery can lead to inflammation in the operated area.This may be due to non-compliance with the recommendations of the gynecologist or of infection during surgery.In such cases, intimate relationships are allowed one and a half months after the removal of the fetus from the uterus.

Medical abortion

conduct such an abortion without surgery, only with the help of compulsory taking certain medications.If the patient receives a pharmaceutical abortion doctor in the presence of a steroid drug antiprogestagenny "Mifegin." A few days after receiving this money from a woman comes miscarriage.

conduct such an abortion on an outpatient basis, after which the patient was sent home.At the same time appoint a woman gynecologist readmission.Miscarriage can happen in a day, several days or weeks, it all depends on the individual woman and her pregnancy period.After medical abortion, sexual relations are permitted only after the onset of menstruation.

Remember that after the abortion, you should not just limit itself to the sex, but also reduce the time playing sports and some types of physical activity in general would have to give.