Tip 1: How to choose a contraceptive

contraceptive pill (OC) in Russia are sold without a prescription, the pharmacy often have their consultants and midwives coming.If you are in the hands of tests, the contraceptive drug can pick up right at the pharmacy.Modern OK rarely cause side effects, even when properly selected, but it is not an argument in favor of self-treatment.Any drug, especially hormone should be administered by your doctor.
Oral contraceptives are considered the best option for reliable protection against pregnancy.They are suitable for women leading a regular sex life with one partner.The potential harm from OK is much lower than the actual preventive effect of many diseases.

how to choose OK?

first thing that looks an obstetrician, this type of woman.A woman may independently determine their type, look in the mirror.Women estrogen type generally small stature with a very feminine figure body hair on the female type - no hair on the upper lip, chin, body hair in the pubic area is not beyond the bikini.Menstruation usua
lly plentiful, well marked ICP flowing with nervousness, and breast engorgement.Skin and hair is often dry.Pregnancy proceeds without complications.Such women are ideal progestin preparations.

high in lean women with a boyish figure, with a deep voice and scanty menstruation, increased levels of progesterone.Underdeveloped mammary glands, oily skin prone to acne, problems during pregnancy is also spoken in favor of the type of progesterone.Such women are shown with anti-androgen drugs action.

women with a normal type of balanced growth, feminine physique, with no signs of increased progesterone levels will approach the micro and low-dose preparations.

It is important that these signs should be assessed together.Often women, apparently related to the type of estogenic an increased level of progesterone: oily skin, problems during pregnancy, male pattern body hair.
In some cases, a doctor may prescribe medication without laboratory diagnosis when hormonal type is not in doubt, the woman surveyed earlier and found no violations.

Trial and error

Unfortunately, tests and other objective data is not always possible to pick up the drug the first time.Women complain that for nearly half a doctor can not assign a "good" pills and seek the help of a friend.In prenatal selection OK held in check, the doctor prescribes additional ultrasound tests on hormones.This allows you to learn the body's response to the drug.The lack of weight gain and visible anti-androgenic effect - is an important factor, but not decisive.

errors and misconceptions

Women independently assign itself OK, often make the annual break - so that the body "rest."This regimen increases the risk of side effects.The correct medication can be taken for a long time without risk to health.

Spotting in the first three months after initiation of OK - the norm.It should pick up other pills if allocation concerned over 3 month.

safest contraceptive

Not so long ago there were new, mikrodozirovannye OK, they contain very small amounts of hormones and may be used by women of all ages.The risk of side effects and discomfort is minimized, and the contraceptive effect is quite high.

Special cases

For women with diseases of the reproductive system can be the salvation OK, blocking the ovaries, they prevent the occurrence of endometriosis, reduce the risk of tumor diseases.During lactation, too, can be used OK, that is a mini-pill and contains progestogen.

If you decide to purchase contraceptives without a prescription, pick them according to their hormonal type and read the contraindications.

Tip 2: How to choose a modern contraceptives

Question convenient and effective contraception is always relevant.Although medicine is evolving, and contraceptive drugs are constantly being improved, the number of abortions is not reduced.In addition to hormone pills, intrauterine devices and condoms there is a whole group of the local application to be aware of every woman who wants to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.
The principle of operation is very simple vaginal contraceptives - a chemical found in them, destroys sperm.There are several kinds of spermicides: non-oksilon-9, benzalkonium chloride and oktoksilon.These tools can also be used when breast-feeding, which is important for young mothers.
Kontratseptiny need not be applied consistently enough once the candle enter into the vagina before sexual intercourse.Substance nonoksilol possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects.Thus, in addition to the contraceptive effect is attained and protection against many diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact.Candles "Patenteks Oval" have precisely this effect.
active substances in gramitsidinovoy paste - an antibiotic gramicidin.This tool and contraceptive and microbicide.It is recommended for women who suffer from frequent or chronic inflammatory diseases of the vagina and cervix.
best known topical drug - "Pharmatex."On the effectiveness of protection from unwanted pregnancy can be compared even with the IUD and hormonal pills.Also, a chemical found in the product, and protects the woman from dangerous diseases.It inhibits pathogenic flora (gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, Candida).
«Pharmatex" is produced in different forms.Vaginal balls should be inserted deep into the vagina for three minutes before sexual intercourse.The cream is also necessary to enter deep enough, but just before sex.Action tampons "Pharmatex" lasts 24 hours, which is very handy if your intention is to spend a love marathon.
Pharmacies have a fairly large selection of modern chemical contraceptives "Kontseptrol", "Delfin", "Ortho", "Rendell," "Koromeks", "Ortho-Ginol", "Neo-sampun"" Enkea "" Norform "" Patenteks "" "Farmateks".Do not forget to buy drugs in advance, not to worry about them in the most appropriate for this moment.
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