causes of dryness in the nose

dryness can occur for several reasons.The most common - a side effect of medicines (antihistamines, drops from the common cold).Another common factor that leads to dryness of the nasal mucosa - is dry air, which is present in the heated rooms.A similar situation occurs in the case of dusty air.

Dryness in the nose can be a symptom of diseases that are rare.The first condition - keratoconjunctivitis sicca is manifested lack of moisture in the mouth, eyes, nose.The second disease - Sjogren's syndrome is related to a group of rheumatoid arthritis, manifested mucous membranes, salivary glands.For dry can cause colds progressing with vasoconstrictor nasal drops.

Treatment of dryness in the nose

First recommended to contact the ENT doctor to pass the necessary examinations.Since sometimes self-treatment does not bring relief, but only aggravates the situation.The doctor will prescribe the correct treatment that promotes gentle elimination of crusts, the development of the required amount of mucus, which further eliminate the problem.

fight against dryness of the nasal mucosa to start with natural products (apricot, peach, sunflower or olive oil), which soften the crust, greatly facilitate their further expectoration.If you decide to use pharmacy tools, they should not contain corticosteroids and other dried ingredients (for example, Aqua Maris, Pinosol).Lubricate the nasal cavity any vegetable oil (or drip into each nostril 2-3 drops of oil) several times a day until dry passes.

Often, people tend to get rid of the dryness of the nose using unconventional methods.To do this, take the head of onions, peel, chop to the state of slurry.Add to it 50 milliliters of boiled water and half dessert spoon of honey.Stir up, use for burrowing in the nasal passages.Traditional medicine is also recommended for people with a similar problem to do ten-minute inhalation with calendula or chamomile flowers dosage.

has excellent healing properties of aloe juice, which will help to overcome the dryness in the nasal mucosa.Cut leaf aloe, rinse with clean water, chop and squeeze the juice.Liberally lubricate their nasal cavity for the night.To treat dry nasal drip moves in oil menthol, attach to the maxillary sinus warm potato tubers, boiled in their jackets.Keep up to complete cooling.