What ftorolak

In order to have healthy teeth, they need calcium, phosphorus and fluorine.These substances enter the human body from food, but often, because of malnutrition or malfunction of the body there is a deficiency of a substance.This deficiency leads to the destruction of tooth enamel and caries.

Fluoride - the main defender of the tooth enamel.The positive impact of fluoride on dental health were identified as a result of numerous studies.It is added to toothpaste and a special preventive means - ftorolak.

Ftorolak - a special formulation containing fluorine, which covers the teeth.He has a local effect on the teeth.Surface enamel varnish reduces sensitivity, strengthens and has antimicrobial effects.Furthermore fluorine ftorolaka composition includes auxiliary components such as chloroform
, balsam fir and ethyl alcohol.Lacquered teeth can begin at an early age, the procedure is painless.

Indications for coating teeth ftorolakom:

- particularly important to cover your teeth with lacquer in areas where the water contains an insufficient amount of fluoride;
- increased permeability of enamel;
- dental injuries;
- wedge-shaped defects of enamel;
- installation of artificial crown.

How is the procedure of coating the enamel paint

procedure covering teeth ftorolakom carried out by a qualified physician in the dental clinic.Before applying polish the patient's teeth cleaned of debris and deposits, then thoroughly dried.After preparation on teeth with a brush, applied lacquer.First treated the lower jaw to the saliva did not have time to accumulate, then the top.The procedure is done very carefully so as not to hit nail on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

stagnation lacquer forms on the tooth surface resistant transparent film that protects the enamel from tooth decay and fills it with fluorine ions.After the dentist cover lacquer teeth, the patient has to give a varnish to dry, it needs to sit a few minutes with an open mouth.

After the procedure, during the day you can not eat solid food and brush your teeth with a toothbrush, so as not to erase medical coverage.To achieve the effect of coating the teeth need to be repeated several times at intervals of two to three days.Six months later, as indicated by the dentist, the procedure can be repeated ftorolakom coverage.