you need
  • - Cocoa;
  • - Interior lard;
  • - honey;
  • - butter;
  • - milk;
  • - leeks;
  • - dry white wine;
  • - unripe walnuts;
  • - vodka.
In the initial stage of anemia is considered to be a very effective means of following.Take 200 grams of cocoa powder, pork suet, butter, place the ingredients in a saucepan and put on a slow fire.Heat to dissolve the composition of all components and smooth.Then strain the mixture cool slightly and add 200 grams of honey, mix everything carefully, pour into banks, which in the fridge.Take 1 teaspo
on of the composition dissolved in a glass of warm milk, three times a day between meals.
Take 300 grams of bleached legs of the leek, chop to obtain a slurry, fill it with 600 ml of white wine, stir and add 100 grams of honey.Insist in a cool place 10-12 days, shaking regularly.Then filter and drink 2 tablespoons, after each meal 30-40 minutes.
Mince glass of unripe walnuts, pour half a liter of vodka and leave in a warm, dark place for 10 days.Strain, add 1 cup of the filtrate is heated to liquid honey and mix well.The composition of the store in a cool place.Take a tablespoon in the morning and evening.
honeysuckle berries are tonic and antiscorbutic means.Folk medicine recommends their use in case of anemia.Take 2 tablespoons of berries of honeysuckle, mash them and pour a glass of boiling water.Insist for an hour or two, then add a spoonful of honey drink.During the day, drink 2-3 glasses of useful berries infusion.
as a means of multivitamin with anemia drink red rowan berries infusion.Take 2 teaspoons of berries, interpret them, and pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, then add honey to taste.Drink 4 times a day for 1/2 cup.