most popular method of vasodilation in the home is a welcome infusion of valerian root.In half a liter of boiling water requires only 25 g of dried and crushed material.The mixture is languishing in a water bath for 30 minutes and cooled for 2 hours.Drink infusion tablespoon before each meal.
Most popular recipes for the expansion of blood vessels based on the broth plants that do not have contraindications.For example, the bark of hazel tincture, which is very easy to brew.For 1 cup of hot water necessary to fill heaped dessert spoon of raw materials, cover and refrigerate.After pumping divided into three parts and drink during the day.
doctors and traditional healers unanimously recognized the best
garlic vasodilator.For the production of therapeutic mixture is required to take 10 cloves of garlic, run them through the press and placed in 250 ml of sunflower oil bazaar.Insist day.Take garlic oil in half with fresh lemon juice three times a day before meals.The mixture was kept in the refrigerator.
way, garlic juice can be added to milk.Duration of the course - 40 days.Should begin with a drop of juice per 100 ml of milk, and when it reaches 20 drops gradually reduce their number.
to expand blood vessels folk remedies, it is necessary to take 50 grams of hawthorn berries and pour 500 ml of boiling water.Or fill 1 dessert spoon of flower plants per 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse in a thermos for 1 hour.Drink before each meal for dessert spoon.
Periwinkle helps to get rid of migraines and hypertension, as well as serve as prevention of internal bleeding.In a glass of boiling water is required to fill a tablespoon of crushed dried leaves to insist, until the broth has cooled to room temperature.Then divide it into three equal portions and drink throughout the day, making regular intervals between doses.
Traditional recipes for the expansion of blood vessels on the basis of skullcap root can be used at any age.In addition to the vasodilating properties of the plant has a tonic and sedative effect.Skullcap Root aims to stabilize the blood pressure, but more such suits hypertensive therapy.For children and adolescents better prepare water broth and covered 25 g of powdered raw materials on 600 ml of boiling water and boil the mixture for one hour, not allowing to boil.Giving your child / teenager, one dessert spoon every 3 hours.Adults will be easier to take an alcohol tincture of skullcap root.250 ml of alcohol 50 g of raw material needed.Store in a cabinet away from light for 15 days.Drink 30 drops twice a day.