«Phenazepam": indications and contraindications

«Phenazepam" prescribed in neurotic, psychotic, neurosis and psihopodobnymi states.It is also used when senesto-hypochondriacal disorders, jet psychosis, insomnia, substance abuse, alcoholism, seizures.Sometimes, it is recommended as a means to overcome the emotional stress and fear in extreme situations.The drug is used to treat stiffness of muscles, athetosis, hyperkinesia, teak, vegetative lability.

drug has the following contraindications: it is not prescribed for severe depression, shock, myasthenia gravis, angle-closure glaucoma, poisoning analgesics or acute alcohol poisoning, acute respiratory failure, in the first trimester of pregnancy, children and adolescents under 18 years of age, during lactation, whenintolerance to benzodiazepine

Precautions should be prescribed "Phenazepam" patients with renal or hepatic impairment in the elderly, patients who are prone to substance abuse, while existing organic brain damage.Prolonged treatment with high doses of "Phenazepam" can cause dependence.During therapy, is strictly prohibited the use of ethanol. «Phenazepam" affects the concentration, therefore need special care when driving transport patients receiving this drug.

Side effects "fenazepama»

«Phenazepam" has on the following side effects: in the early days of admission (especially the elderly) - drowsiness, fatigue, confusion, ataxia, dizziness, poor concentration, slower reactions, disorientation.In some cases, there is euphoria, depression, headache, loss of coordination, tremors, memory loss, involuntary movements, dysarthria, fatigue, male, fear, aggressive outbursts, agitation, muscle spasms, irritability, hallucinations, agitation, anxiety, insomnia. In sharp discontinuation or dose reduction in patients appear withdrawal syndrome.

possible occurrence of heartburn, diarrhea, vomiting, defecation disorders, allergies, lowering blood pressure, tachycardia, blurred vision.In case of overdose there is a decrease reflexes, tremor, sleepiness, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, low blood pressure, coma.For the treatment of activated charcoal, gastric lavage.