There are several types of influenza virus, differing length of the incubation period and the complexity of the flow caused by each of these diseases.Eliminate the symptoms and fight the flu viruses of different varieties must also be different.Determine the kind of culprit in the genesis and development of the disease pathogen and assign the most effective treatment can only be experienced.
alleviate the condition, however, improve health and help the body at the first sign of flu may be even before seeking medical attention.The main objective of the initial phase of treatment - creating the most conduciv
e to the effective functioning of the immune system conditions.
The first thing to do in cases of suspected influenza illness - to refuse from excessive physical and mental activity and the decision to replace the workers issues restoring order in the house, and computer classes for bed rest, a good rest and sleep.
is no less important at the first signs of the disease in time to begin receiving the modern antiviral drugs.Particularly interesting in the fight against influenza is considered "AnviMaks."The drug is available as a powder with a lemon odor, lemon honey, raspberry, cranberry and black currant, intended for dissolution in water and subsequent ingestion, as well as a complex of capsules of red and blue colors."AnviMaks" not only inhibits the multiplication of influenza viruses, but also has on the patient's analgesic, antipyretic, antihistamine and angioprotective action.
help the body when the first symptoms of influenza is possible and with the help of the use of large amounts of fluid.Water promotes the natural reduction in body temperature and eliminate toxins through frequent urination and intense sweating.Not enough fluid in the body of the patient human influenza inevitably leads to an increase in temperature, often to the deadly index.Influenza virus can not tolerate acidic environment, so the most useful drinks in the period of struggle against them are considered to cranberry juice and tea with lemon.
Along with increasing the amount of fluid intake of flu one should exclude from your diet foods rich in proteins.These substances too slowly digested by the body and greatly hinder the process of absorption of fluid in the blood.
main mistake in the first aid flu cases are attempts to bring down the man suddenly raised the temperature by any means.At the initial stage of developing the disease permissible and even desirable is considered an indicator of the thermometer, equal to 39 ° C.The fact that the rise in temperature of the body - a natural protective reaction of the body, increases the production of antibodies and interferon, and prevents the multiplication of viruses.Proper treatment of influenza temperature drops by itself for 3-4 days of illness.
on the wrong first aid in influenza points surpassing the mark of 39 ° C outside temperature of the body and heart rate above 100 beats per minute.