want to become healthy.If you do not understand that without bad habits you can get, and physical exercise needed, efforts will do no good.If you still understand and come to this, proceed.
Make an effort.Perhaps this will be the most difficult, we need a good incentive.Think about the benefits that you can get in return, such as smoking.Try to find persuasive arguments to convince first of all himself.
find the perfect gym or fitness center.Remember that when visiting them, you but toned figure and slender body, can find new friends, n
ew opportunities.If you are worried about money or do you think it's too expensive, calculate how much you can save on alcohol and cigarettes - you will see that it is a lot of money.
Ask a friend or girlfriend together like in the gym or a run in the morning, if you do not force yourself to do to make it alone.The company will still be fun and easier psychologically.
Set a goal to become something better than your friend or a friend, for example, look slimmer, less weight, get rid of belly and stuff.The sense of competition should boost your willpower to quit smoking and do physical exercises of.
Finally, if you are single, fall in love!If your partner is a healthy level of physical life, it will be an incentive to you to it.If both something abuse, argue on something and keep his word.
If all else fails, try self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.Perhaps on a subconscious level, you will be able to substitute one for the other, even though such things have to be careful and accurate.