is important not just to live 150 years, while maintaining alertness, memory and the ability to live without limits, because nobody wants to be frail and weak.Scientists have been watching long-lived, and they have a few recommendations to help improve the health and affect the life span.

Healthy Eating

Proper nutrition allows you to live longer.It is important not to overeat, do not use a lot of harmful products.Modern man too keen on sugar, does not always know what and how much he eats, and it causes a number of diseases.That shorten the duration of life.

We must have no more than two thousand calories a day.In summer you can go down to 1800. At the same time most of the diet should be vegetables, fruits and grains, not flour and meat.It is best
to use natural ingredients that are grown without genetic modification, and various pesticides.If you have a choice, buy products from the garden that grew in the area where you live.


Everyone in the day should drink at least 2 liters of water.Fluid helps cleanse the body of toxins.It displays all the accumulated substances that are no longer required to live.This coffee, tea, juices and fruit drinks with water can not be considered, they are perceived by the body as food, and do not perform the necessary functions.

Try not to drink water from the tap, and purified.Special filters will make it more useful.Just do not drink the melted water is bad, it can be done even in a conventional refrigerator: simply freeze ordinary water, then drink as she will be unfrozen.


mobility makes the body more resistant to many diseases.Suffice it to 2-3 workouts per week, but daily walking tour will come in handy.At least 30 minutes to breathe air, thus making simple movements.For young people, regular jogging suit, in middle age, you can go walking on the sport.


to live longer, choose a clean area.In the city people live on less than nature, and in the metropolitan areas their lifespan even further reduced.A large number of exhaust, bad water and food, as well as serious stress prevent to live to 150 years.It is better to get to the village, to grow organic food and live in joy.


Office workers live less than those who work outdoors.Indoors abundance of techniques and having a plan to create a heavy atmosphere.Constant stress and depression lead to a decline in strength, and it takes many years of his life.But farmers live a few years longer, as their schedule is more connected with nature, they can afford to relax.

In addition to the usual employee enterprise retirement becomes a challenge.He lost in the society, as no longer perform useful actions.Surviving it can not do everything.In rural areas as people continue to live as before, he works in the garden, caring for animals and feel is still in demand.