choice of means to facilitate teething and remove the pain is great enough.Panacea among this diversity can not be found, but you can pick up a gel or ointment, it is suitable to your kid.Such tools are usually applied to three to five months, there are drugs that are not approved for children younger than a year.
All drugs used to relieve pain during eruption of primary teeth are for local use.However, their composition is chosen so that the baby does not cause self-harm, even swallowing the medicine.Act
ive ingredients of such formulations are anesthetics (benzocaine, lignocaine) - they reduce the sensitivity of the mucosa.Also as part of the drug may be anti-inflammatory components, including plant origin, helps to remove the gum swelling and reduce pain.To make the application of drugs more pleasant for the baby, it can add flavorings and sweeteners.
Among the funds, the main active substance is lidocaine include drugs such as "Kamistad" and "Kalgel", also used "Dentinox" analgesic effect is enhanced and extended by the addition of polidocanol."Kalgel" should be used with caution in children with atopic dermatitis - a large amount of sweetener in the preparation can cause the appearance of new lesions.
children who are allergic to lidocaine, doctors recommend medication plant-based "Baby Doctor".Its components, which include extracts of chamomile, calendula and marshmallow root, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.If the child is a year old, you can apply the gel "Holisal."It has a long duration of action than other agents.
gels and ointments used for teething, applied to inflamed gums and act almost immediately, however, their effect is hardly long - it can last from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours.Repeated application of the drug are usually allowed a few hours.
Apply tool can clean finger or cotton swab on the mucous membrane of the gums.Spread a small amount of the drug on inflamed areas, it should be gentle movements to rub in the mucosa.
Do not smear the gums before feeding the baby - this also applies to infants and children who have already learned to chew solid food.Anesthetics reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membranes of the mouth, so the process of sucking can be difficult.Older children may refuse to eat because numb the gums and tongue to prevent them from chewing, and to taste the taste of food can join the drug.It is best to apply the medicine about 30 minutes before feeding.