effort to get rid of excess weight, women often start taking drugs for weight loss.Keep in mind that the official medicine permits the use of these pharmacological agents only in severe cases of obesity.

pharmacological drugs for weight loss


Weight loss achieved with the help of medication, can have a negative impact on human health.The drugs have a number of contraindications, where health professionals must take into account when assigning therapy.

indications for the use of drugs for weight loss can serve as excess body weight by 25 kilograms from the norm, if there is diabetes, hypertension, abdominal obesity.Another factor taken into account when prescribing becomes rapid weight gain, combined with a process called complications.

Typically, doctors prescribe these drugs for weight loss, as "Xenical" or "Sibutramine".However, they contri
bute to the development of disorders in the functioning of the cardiovascular system.Earlier, are widely used "Terenak", "Fepranon", "Izolipan", "Ephedrine".Their use declined due to significant side effects, leading to the defeat of the internal organs.After several deaths of these drugs included in the banned list.

Homeopathy in losing weight


Today in pharmacies can choose homeopathic remedies which manufacturers convince potential buyers safe plant medicines for weight loss.Typically, funds are included in the collections of herbs, stimulates the urinary system.

If a person needs to get rid of 2-3 kg, receiving similar means unjustified.Homeopathic remedies excrete water, not burning fat tissue.Herbal, whose action is to eliminate puffiness, give a short-term effect.After some time, the weight will come back to the same parameters as the body needs water.

Regular use of homeopathic medicines with diuretic effect can lead to kidney damage and adversely affect the general condition.If there is excess weight, it is better to deal with it under the supervision of a medical professional or a nutritionist, than to spoil the health of taking drugs for weight loss, which have side effects.