How does zinc oxide

drug is easy to cope with small skin lesions.It quickly heals small wounds to disinfect them and removing inflammation.And the ointment gently dries the skin.This is especially valuable in the treatment of weeping formations.

should not be confused with zinc ointment paste Lassara.First - a zinc oxide based on petrolatum, and the paste Lassara there is salicylic acid.It strengthens dried and healing action of zinc oxide.

Zinc ointment is applied only topically.Prior to this, the patient must be removed from the site all cosmetics, clear skin, wet cloth or towel, and then put the drug.

fundamentally important condition: the more frequently nourish the skin ointment, the faster it will be healthy.Usually, it is required to put at least five or six times a day.Then the image of a permanent protective layer of ointment, and she acts as efficiently as possible.

When the ointment helps

irritation and skin trauma

Some house plants can cause redness, rashes, fine bubbles.For example, monstera, dieffenbachia, anthurium, some ivy.When such skin inflammations zinc ointment is very effective.If you cut your finger shallowly, he burned his hand, scratched his leg, lubricate its sore spots, and they too will heal quickly.


have kids, they arise from the contact of the skin with urine, feces.Zinc oxide protects it from these stimuli.Many generations of mothers successfully get rid of their children from the scourge of zinc ointment.To the child's skin remains clean, healthy, apply it every time changing diapers.The maximum benefit from it - when the baby's skin is completely dry before greasing.


one to get rid of acne on the face cream helps, the other not.What's the matter?It depends on the depth of tissue damage, and the hormonal state and the degree of left untreated.You should not rely only on the ointment - at the same time be taken in and the preparation of zinc.Some doctors recommend combining zinc with erythromycin ointment.


Zinc ointment is recognized as one of the most effective drugs in treatment of this disease.One ointment it is impossible to recover from.But acting symptomatic, it greatly simplifies and accelerates the healing of the condition of hemorrhoids, fissures.


This is a consequence of violation of skin pigmentation, mainly in women.Zinc ointment often helps to remove brown spots or lighten them and make them less noticeable.

UV protection

Many need it for cosmetic effect, while predisposition to oncological diseases of the skin such protection from harsh sunlight is a must, especially in the summer.Zinc ointment - the only harmless drug, which can be used as a sunscreen for babies very tender age - from the first days of life up to six months.Zinc oxide is not contraindicated for women during breastfeeding and during pregnancy.

When the ointment does not help

makes no sense to use it in acute infections of the skin.The antibacterial properties of zinc oxide is not strong enough to cure them.It requires a powerful antibacterial, antifungal drugs, antibiotics.

not help ointment and strong acne, boils, deep wounds, chronic ulcers, hematomas.

tolerability of the drug in the vast majority of people are very nice.But sometimes, though rarely, hypersensitivity to zinc oxide.Then there may be itching, tingling or burning at the application of ointment.In allergic reactions to use it, of course, impossible.

simple allergy tests to help you determine whether or not to be afraid of zinc ointment.To do this, apply it with a small speck on the wrist or elbow.If after three or four hours the skin will remain unchanged, so no allergy.

zinc ointment - not one of those drugs that provide immediate therapeutic effect.Scolded her mostly those who did not have the patience for a long time for treatment.