get rid of heartburn, you can use several types of funds: pills, herbal and traditional means.These funds will help get rid of unpleasant sensations in the stomach and prevent its occurrence in the future.Each agent acts on the body in different ways and, accordingly, has contraindications.

Heartburn Medication

Today, a lot of popularity gained pills, avoid heartburn.Among the variety of drugs today have become leaders of tools such as "Renny", "Gastal", "Gaviscon" and "Nexium".Each of these tablets belong to the same group of drugs - antacids.All these 4 different types of pills same contraindications.If you want to get rid of heartburn, the result of using these tools you will feel the investment in 15-20 minutes.The downside of the use of such means is the appearance of relapses in 50% of cases.

Getting rid of heartburn with herbs

decoction of several kinds of herbs also help to cure heartburn.By choosing this method of treatment should be to prepare for long-term acceptance of herbal decoction.The advantage of this treatment is the lasting results and no recurrence, and minuses - long wait for the appearance of the first results.Most often used to treat heartburn plantain, oregano, St. John's wort, chamomile, yarrow, licorice, potato juice, etc.

Soda heartburn

most popular and effective remedy for heartburn is a regular soda.To prepare the treatment solution should be diluted with 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 80-100 ml of warm water.The solution is to drink immediately as soon as the symptoms of heartburn.The result will appear almost immediately.Such a remedy for heartburn can not be used very often.

choice is yours

Each heartburn remedy has its fans.For example, some people only helps soda others - exclusively tablets.Before you start the treatment of heartburn, you should consult with your doctor.Most likely, you will be prescribed various pills for heartburn.If you're after some time you feel a lasting effect, consider adding herbal therapy as a complementary therapy.In order not to hurt and not to worsen the state of health, consult a fitoterapevta - this is the doctor will give you recipes for concoctions of herbs, as well as how and when to tell them to drink.