Tip 1: "Troxevasin": instructions for use and feedback

«Troxevasin" is angioprotective means acting on the veins and capillaries.The drug is effective in the treatment of varicose veins and rasshereniya can significantly relieve symptoms caused by the disease.

Pharmacological action

drug "Troxevasin" has a decongestant, venotonic, anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and antiaksidantnoe action.Active ingredients "troksevazin" may reduce the permeability and capillary fragility, as well as improve their tone, increasing the density of the walls of blood vessels.In addition, the drug reduces inflammation in the vascular wall, which greatly limits its adhesion to the surface of platelets. drug "Troxevasin" comes in the form of capsules and oral gel.


drug "Troxevasin" is shown with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, varicose dermatitis, and chronic venous insufficiency accompanied by symptoms such as feeling of heaviness, swelling, pain and fatigue in the legs, cramps, availabilityspider veins or Stars."Troxevasin" prescribed after the ope
ration to remove varicose veins and sclerotherapy veins.Also, the drug is used in combination therapy for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Instructions for Use "troksevazin»

to achieve a therapeutic effect, take 1 capsule "troksevazin" twice a day, at the same time on the recommendation of a doctor, the dosage may be increased.When maintenance therapy take 1 capsule daily rate of 3-4 weeks. Capsules "Troxevasin" is taken orally with meals and washed down with water.

Gel "Troxevasin" is used in varicose prone areas twice a day - morning and evening.The product must be applied with light massage movements from the bottom up until completely absorbed.

Contraindications and warnings

«Troxevasin" contraindicated if you are hypersensitive its components, in particular Rutoside, with gastritis and peptic ulcer in the acute stage, as well as in the I trimester.In renal insufficiency, in the case of long-term use, it is recommended to take the drug with caution.Gel "Troxevasin" can not be used in areas with a violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes.

reviews and recommendations

«Troxevasin" helps to significantly improve the condition of varicose veins.In particular, the use of the drug makes it possible to eliminate the severe swelling, heaviness in the legs, get rid of the uncomfortable feelings caused by varicose veins.When using "troksevazin" vascular grid becomes less pronounced and visible.

The success of treatment depends on the regularity of the drug.For best results it is recommended to use a gel capsule and simultaneously to act on the problem of the inside and outside.

Tip 2: "Troxevasin": instructions for use

«Toksevazin" is a group of drugs-angioprotectors (medicines to improve the performance of the blood vessels).Means providing decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.
«Troxevasin" is used for bruises, contusions, sprains, strains, muscle spasms.Indications for the drug are also varicose veins, superficial thrombophlebitis and acute periphlebitis, poslevarikozny syndrome, diabetic microangiopathy, chronic venous insufficiency, dermatitis and ulcerative lesions on the background of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vascular lesions as a result of radiation therapy.
The active ingredient of the drug is troxerutin, it is a semi-synthetic derivative of the routine.It reduces capillary fragility and provides venotonic, angioproteguoe, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effect.Analogues "troksevazin" of the active substance are "Troxerutin-MIC", "Troxerutin Vramed", "Troxerutin Vetprom", "Troksevenol", "Troxerutin Zentiva."Analogs by having an effect "Ascorutin D", "Askovertin" "Venolek" "Vazoket" "Diosmin" "Venoruton", "routine", "Yuglaneks" "Flebodia 600", "Antistax" "Fleboton""Aescusan" "Venosan".
medicine is produced in the form of capsules and gel for external use.Take the capsules of the drug during meals.The dosage is 2 pcs.1 times a day, with maintenance treatment - 1 pc.a day for a month.Gel "Troxevasin" Apply light massage on the sore spots to full penetration into the skin.Use it 2 times a day - morning and evening.The gel can be used for a long period of time.
Apply the product only on the intact surface of the skin, avoid contact with eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes.In diseases and conditions characterized by increased vascular permeability (measles, influenza, scarlet fever, allergic reactions), use the gel in combination with vitamin C to enhance the effect.The drug exhibits side effects are very rare, causing dermatitis, urticaria, eczema.
«Troxevasin" is contraindicated in chronic gastritis, ulcers in the stomach, hypersensitivity to its components, in the first trimester of pregnancy.With care prescribe a drug for kidney failure.Medication capsules released only by the doctor's prescription, in the form of a gel - the counter.Keep capsules "Troxevasin" in a dry place at a temperature of 15-25oC, the gel should be stored in a dark, dry place at a temperature of 15-30oC.Shelf-life vehicles - 5 years.