«Yarina" suppresses ovulation (release of the egg from the ovary), increases the viscosity of cervical mucus, which prevents sperm into the uterus.As a result, changes in the endometrium, the implantation of a fertilized egg becomes impossible.The drug has some additional effects, in particular, it has anti-edema effect, contributes to the improvement in the skin condition acne.
Short course of reception "Yasmin" (3-6 months.) Does not affect the ability to become pregnant.There is evidence that in some cases the probability of conception increases, since the ovaries after the abolition of money start to work actively.To get pregnant, you need to maintain a regular sex life without the use of other means of contraception.Usually, conception occur
s within 3 months.after taking the pills.
After prolonged use of "Yasmin" pregnancy usually occurs within one year of regular sexual intercourse without contraception.However, if a woman has to use the drug had problems with ovulation (hyperandrogenism, polycystic ovarian syndrome), and other hormonal disorders, after the abolition of pills they come back, and pregnancy can not occur.In this case, consult a doctor.
After using "Yarin" plan pregnancy follows.Continue the daily intake of tablets from the last package until they run out.Conception may have the next cycle.If it does not happen within a year of regular sexual life without any means of protection, you need to undergo a medical examination.The consequence of long-term use "Yarin" could be amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods longer than 6 months.), Provoked a decrease in the activity of the ovaries at the time of the drug.To cure the pathology, visit the doctor.
Pearl index the "Yasmin" is 0.07.This indicator reflects the number of women who become pregnant while receiving funds throughout the year.In the contraceptive effect of the drug is very high, but when used incorrectly, the probability of conception increases.Pregnancy is possible if you miss a pill, it was not renewed in the next 12 hours., And at this time there was unprotected sexual intercourse.
reduces the effect of contraceptives and certain medications (such as antibiotics).If you use the "Yasmin" a pregnancy, you should immediately stop taking it.Teratogenic and toxic effects of the drug on the fetus have been identified, so conceived while taking money is not an indication for abortion.