What are the medicinal properties of caffeine

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, improves mental and physical performance, reduces the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness, speeds up and strengthens heart contractions.In addition, it has a vasodilating effect, increases blood pressure, increases the excretion of urine and secretory activity of the digestive organs.

In some cases, shows the use of caffeine

Caffeine is indicated for use in cases involving suppression of the central nervous system and cardiovascular system, to increase physical and mental tone, deal with bedwetting.To the first group of diseases are infectious diseases, migraine, drug poisoning, etc. Caffeine take 2-3 times a day to 0.2, the maximum single dose of 0.5 grams daily - 1.5 g If necessary, the drug is administere
d by injection.

Application caffeine-sodium benzoate may be accompanied by insomnia, palpitations, trembling limbs, ringing in the ears, shortness of breath and vomiting.These side effects are rare.

Contraindications to the use of caffeine

Caffeine is contraindicated in increased excitability, severe high blood pressure or atherosclerosis, insomnia.It should not be used in severe cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma and in old age (over 70 years).During pregnancy and lactation, the drug may be used in compliance with the recommendations. Note that the systematic abuse of caffeine may develop drug dependence.

use vials of caffeine in the fight against cellulite

to combat cellulite vials of caffeine used in the composition of masks and wraps.Caffeine has a positive effect on the skin, moisturizing it, stimulating the breakdown of fat deposits, reducing pores, improve local blood circulation and lymph flow.The drug also improves muscle tone, improve skin elasticity.

To get rid of cellulite, you must use vials of caffeine in combination with other active ingredients - for example, menthol, komforoy, rutin, seaweed.Such creams and gels improve blood circulation, tissue metabolism and stimulate the outflow of excess fluid and ultimately contribute to weight loss.

Wraps caffeinated

Ampoules caffeine-sodium benzoate may be used for wrapping.Drawing on the skin cosmetics and food wrap film creates a greenhouse effect, through which restored normal blood circulation in the skin cells, improves sweating removes harmful minerals.Before wrapping the skin should be clean, which can be used scrub coffee grounds.

Mix a teaspoon of any cream base with 4 ampoules of caffeine and ointment "Kapsikam."Apply to the problem areas, wrap with cling film.Hold the film for 3 hours at this time do not eat or drink.To improve the effectiveness of the procedure can be done gymnastics or dance.The result will be evident after 10 procedures.