How to take medications, diuretics

medicament for the treatment of hypertension should be chosen depending on how much will be high pressure in the patient.For the majority of patients aged 80 years, the goal of treatment is to reduce blood pressure to a value of 90 to 140 mm Hg(in a hospital) or below 135 mm Hg at 85at home.From high blood pressure may be given diuretics (diuretics).They excrete salt, excess fluid and thereby reduce pressure.This may be sufficient to control its value.

Ā«Arifon retard" containing indapamide, is one of the safest of diuretic drugs used for hypertension, it has the least number of side effects.The drug has no effect on glucose and fat levels, i.e. it can be drunk by diabetics and people with obesity."Arifon retard" should be taken once daily in the morning.It is necessary to monitor the blood pressure using a
tonometer to measure the pressure needed once or twice a day.If one month after treatment will not be any changes, you must consult your doctor for the selection of another drug.Self-medication is unacceptable to change.

other drugs to treat high pressure

to treat high pressure your doctor may recommend the following drugs.These include inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, "Captopril" ("Capoten"), "Lisinopril" ('Zestril' 'prinivil ") and" Ramipril "(" Altak ").These drugs dilates blood vessels and block the action of the hormone angiotensin.At high pressure, as prescribed angiotensin receptor blockers-II (BRA): "Losartan" ("Cozaar"), "Olmesartan" ("Benicar") and "Valsartan" ("Diovan").They contribute to the relaxation of blood vessels and block the action of angiotensin.Beta-blockers interrupt hormonal and neural signals heart and blood vessels and thus reduce the blood pressure.Such drugs include "metoprolol", "nadolol" "penbutolol".

Calcium channel blockers prevent the entry of calcium into the heart and blood vessels and relax the cells.It reduces blood pressure.Patients with hypertension often prescribe "Amlodipine" ("Norvasc"), "Diltiazem" "nifedipine" ("Prokardia").Renin inhibitors (e.g., "Aliskiren") inhibits the production of the hormone renin and reduce its ability to increase pressure.Use of one of these drugs lowers blood pressure faster than diuretic.The combination of two drugs from different groups will allow each of them to take in small doses, it can help reduce side effects.Selection of drugs for such combinations will depend on the individual and should be carried out by your doctor.