Previously it was thought that the main factors in the development of gastritis became stress, poor nutrition and increased acidity.Modern researchers have found that the majority of chronic gastritis occurs because the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.Therefore, doctors believe that the main treatment for ulcers and gastritis should be directed at combating it. That prompted the destruction of the pathogen specialists to develop new drugs for gastritis.

Medications aimed at addressing the causes of gastritis

Some patients have expressed dissatisfaction that the treatment of normal or mixed gastritis they prescribe antibiotics, but should take into account that the bacterial nature of the disease - this is one of the modern and viablemethods.At the antimicrobials prescribed medications to reduce gas
tric acidity.These drugs are called antisecretory, these include pills such as ranitidine, which is a blocker of H2-histamine receptors, omeprrazol, esomeprazole - produce an inhibitor of the proton pump.

Now experts prefer the second group of drugs, because they are less dangerous and have a more pronounced effect of the drug. However, such funds can not be taken during pregnancy.

for the treatment of gastritis caused by helicobacter pylori, used several schemes.For the first treatment using antibiotics - amoxicillin and clarithromycin as well as produce an inhibitor of the proton pump (subsalicylate).

Medicines from gastritis with high acidity

for the treatment of gastritis with high acidity often appointed antacids with them neutralized gastric acid.The drugs in this group, including substances, instantly reducing acidity.The most popular means of baking soda can be called.But its use is not currently recommended because it causes the occurrence of side effects.

pain occurs during gastritis, can be removed by atropine or spazmalitikami.To restore the movement of the stomach wall with metoclopramide.With this drug accelerates gastric emptying, thereby eliminating the feeling of fullness.
Still, despite the progress in medicine, drugs from gastritis are also toxic, so drink them to be very careful.