rectal suppositories (candles) are designed to be inserted into the rectum, they are solid cones with dosed drug content.These drugs stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, have wound healing, antispasmodic, immunostimulant, antibacterial, antiseptic action.Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids are divided into groups depending on the composition and have a therapeutic effect.
When hemorrhoids, accompanied by inflammation and anal fissures, pain relievers prescribed suppositories.Their main active ingredient is any analgesic such as procaine.These candles are used only to facilitate the patient's condition, their therapeutic effect is negligible.When bleeding hemostatic use candles.Most often, they contain in their composition propolis, which increases blood clotting and provides an anal
gesic effect.There are also candles from internal hemorrhoids, suppositories, which are assessed after birth.
candles from hemorrhoids are divided into groups according to the main active ingredient.Suppositories containing glycerol are used for wounds and fractures the walls of the anus, to reduce the tension of the muscles of the sphincter, preventing accumulations of feces and constipation.Candles with herb extracts possess analgesic effect, have wound-healing effect.Methyluracyl suppositories are used for fractures and inflammatory diseases of the anus.This drug has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.
Homeopathic candles ("Vita Nova", "Anti-K") consisting of natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, healing and antipruritic effect.Suppositories with epinephrine has hemostatic and analgesic effect.Candles with ihtiola ("Anuzol") used in the early stages of the disease, the drug has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.Effectively reduce inflammation, promote cessation of itching and accelerate tissue regeneration candles "Relief", containing in its composition components of animals (shark liver oil, and others.).
Choose the appropriate drug should proctologist after a detailed examination of the patient.Candles from hemorrhoids is introduced into the rectum after a bowel movement and hygiene procedures.The suppository should be freed from the package and put into the anus sharp end forward.After that you should lie on your side and lie down for half an hour to plug completely dissolved.