famous assertion that all human disease healing power of nature, largely suited to the situation with a lack of calcium.There are many foods that can help to normalize the amount of this mineral.The simplest advice is drink milk every day (preferably - fresh cow, not a store), at least the glass.Unfortunately, with age calcium from milk is absorbed worse: in the body the baby is delayed more than half the calcium of this product, and in adults is only 15%.And not all people tolerate milk.So well, if you include in your diet yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese and hard cheese.
Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables - celery, parsley, asparagus, all kinds of cabbage, especially color, lettuce, radish.Greens itself contains calcium, as well as improves the assimilation of other products, very good acting on the whole intestine.Many calcium is also found in egg yolks, legumes, nuts, fish and seafood.Salts of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and simultaneously contain fish liver and beef liver, butter and sesame oil.Rich in this element as many fruits that grow in our gardens, and overseas (oranges and pineapples).Eat nuts, bran and honey.
to the calcium contained in products, is well absorbed, need vitamin D. It is also found in food, but best of all it will be produced, if you will often be in the open air, under the sunlight.Make daily walks, try not to forget the morning exercises and what some exercise.
Calcium is found in some medicines and vitamins complex.In deciding to accept them, keep in mind that, in contrast to the food pill use for a limited time, with breaks.About all the nuances of the application you will know when to carefully read the content of the instruction.
Remember that the enemies of your health, which hinder the completion of calcium are stress, smoking, the "bad" cholesterol, lack of exercise, caffeine and sorrel.